After a few days of anticipation, you get a delivery notification that your package has arrived. You open your front door only to discover no package is there. Package theft is relatively common, with 43% of survey respondents reporting that they’ve had a least one package stolen.

As you gear up for the holiday season and start ordering gifts from others, here’s how to keep packages safe and ensure you get everything you ordered.

1. Use a Pickup Locker

If you’re placing an order to arrive when you know you’ll be away from home, arrange for the delivery to go to a nearby pickup locker rather than your house.

Many companies offer the option of sending the package to a locker, typically at checkout. Lockers are often located inside drugstores, grocery stores or pharmacies. When your order is ready for pickup, you head to the locker location you chose at checkout, type in the supplied code, open the lock and retrieve your package.

The drawback of using a pickup locker is that you have to make an extra trip to retrieve your package. If you can’t pick it up in the allowed time frame, your purchase gets returned to the company.

2. Work With Your Neighbors

If you’re friendly with your neighbors, consider coordinating package retrieval with them. You can ask your neighbor to grab a package off your porch if you’re not home when it arrives. Remember to repay the favor and let them know that you can grab deliveries for them if they’re at work or going out of town.

3. Ship Packages to Your Job

Depending on where you work and your employer’s policies, you may be able to send packages to your office instead of your home. Getting packaged shipped to work can be ideal if you work long hours and usually aren’t home until the late evening.

4. Install Home Security Cameras

A home security camera or video monitoring system can deter package thieves, aka “porch pirates,” or catch them in the act if they do swipe a package. Along with installing a camera, hang up signs alerting potential thieves to the presence of video recording equipment. Video cameras keep tabs on your property 24/7, so you can rest assured that if someone trespasses or tries to take a package, the camera will record it.

5. Set up a Lockbox

A porch lockbox creates a secure location for delivery drivers to leave your packages. A thief must haul off the entire box to access the contents.

Usually, the lockbox has an opening large enough for packages to get in but not big enough for them to get out. You need a key or code to fully open the box. You can also order a lockbox that has a programmable code, which you can share with delivery drivers. The driver enters the code, opens the lockbox and leaves the package inside. You change the code after each delivery to reduce the risk of theft.

Pair Package Theft Prevention Tips With Prestige Security Solutions

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