Intrusion Alarm Systems

Are you considering an alarm system for your property? These devices respond promptly to emergencies when set up by professionals. At Prestige Security Solutions, we source our products from the top intrusion alarm system manufacturers. We provide state-of-the-art security technology and configure each component to suit your location. We also have compatible accessories to expand the reach and reliability of your alarm signals, as well as easy-to-use control panels that program your system as you see fit.

Residential Intrusion Alarm Systems

Our motion-sensing alarms with infrared or mirror optics will help you watch your home’s perimeter while reducing false activations. From glass break detectors that immediately recognize the sound of a shattering window to vibration sensors that trigger from impacts to doors or walls, alarm systems for intrusions are your most reliable defense against home burglaries.

Our alarms do more than deter crime. We have a lineup of vital life safety alarms, such as carbon monoxide monitors to alert you and your family of dangerous concentrations indoors. Our intrusion alarm systems for apartment complexes include manual pull stations to warn multiple units of a fire. Placed indoors or outdoors, each of these products creates a life-saving network.

Intrusion Alarm Systems for Commercial Businesses in Massachusetts

Thieves and vandals target Massachusetts businesses, making our intruder detection alarms a critical safety measure. What’s more, many accidents can occur inside and result in significant service disruptions or costly cleanups. All it takes is one burst pipe, short-circuit or heater or freezer failure to cause widespread damage or loss of product.

Some business owners assume it’s too difficult to guard every entry point around their site, or they’ll have to break the bank to do so. Luckily, our industrial alarms are simple to scale upward for the most complex properties. No matter the number of rooms and corridors you request to arm and protect, Prestige Security Solutions strives to make your options affordable and straightforward.

The Benefits of Installing Intrusion Alarm Systems

There are many benefits to having an intrusion alarm system from Prestige Security Solutions, including: 

  • Expert advice and installation: The consumer security systems you buy out of the box are mass-produced — they aren’t tailored to your family or facility’s specific needs. Let our professionals help select which of our high-quality alarms you need, and then install them in the most effective places. We provide more flexibility and reliability with our quick and tidy alarm installation services.
  • Intrusion alarm training: Our experienced staff will be happy to show you which alarm functions you need to know to operate your system efficiently. When you require troubleshooting assistance with your alarms, give us a call.
  • Alarm monitoring services: Prestige Security Solutions can allow you to connect your alarms to our main security station. We look for incoming alerts 24/7 and rapidly deploy first responders to your location if needed.

Get Customized Intrusion Alarms From Prestige Security Solutions

We are dedicated to protecting our Massachusetts customers every hour, year-round. Get a free quote on your intrusion alarm system, guaranteed for the size of your project. To start consulting with us today, reach out through our online contact form.

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