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Security Systems in Boston

Boston home and business owners need high-quality security systems to protect the people and property under their roofs. At Prestige Security Solutions, we provide security systems that will help you reduce the likelihood and impact of security breaches. From alarms to gates, locks and monitoring systems, we develop and install the products you need to take control of your property’s security. We’ll work diligently to find the right security solution for your needs and budget.

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Our Security Systems for Boston’s Homeowners and Businesses 

With a security system from Prestige Security Solutions, you can safeguard your property with the mechanisms you need to prevent theft or vandalism and respond to environmental damage quickly. We offer a wide range of security products, including:

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Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems detect common indicators of intrusion or weather damage like glass breakage, motion or aggressive impacts. These alarms are accurate and responsive to ensure safety during an emergency.

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Remote Monitoring Systems

With this technology, you can conveniently control and monitor your security solutions from a computer or smartphone. From live video feeds to instant alerts and remote access control, you’ll hold your property’s security in the palm of your hand.

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Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is one of the best ways to accurately determine the source of a security breach. With our video surveillance systems, you’ll have a live feed of your building’s entryways when your alarm sounds.

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Data Solutions

As you rely more heavily on digital infrastructure, it becomes more and more important to protect your information from cyber threats. Our data solutions enable safe internet browsing on a secure network for families and employees.

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Access Control Systems

We offer locks, keypads, gates and other systems that augment effective security tactics with modern technology. Users can set passcodes, provide master keys and grant remote access.

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How Can Security Systems Help Boston’s Commercial and Residential Property Owners? 

Whether you own a home or business in the Boston area, a security system from Prestige Security Solutions can help you reduce damage and save money. Our systems provide rapid access to accurate, reliable information any time your property suffers a break-in or weather damage. You can make decisions based on reliable information and help from our 24-hour central security station. Here are a few more advantages:

  • Benefits for homeowners: Security systems enable you as a homeowner to boost your property’s value and reduce insurance fees through reliable locking, monitoring and alarm systems. 
  • Benefits for business owners: With a comprehensive security solution, your business can protect its customers, employees and merchandise, saving you money on repairs and insurance fees.


Discuss Your Security Needs With Prestige Security Solutions

Since our foundation in 2015, we at Prestige Security Solutions have gone the extra mile to provide residential and commercial customers in Boston with security systems that meet their needs and budget. When you work with us, we’ll collaborate with you to tailor a security system unique to your property. 

 For more on how you can benefit from equipping your Boston home or business with a new security system, contact us today. 

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