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Data Security Solutions in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

In a world of increasing convenience through the internet, you face more digital-based security threats than ever. A network without sophisticated data protection could be vulnerable to outside attacks that steal or destroy sensitive information.

As experts in data security solutions in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond, Prestige Security Solutions has the tools and technology to safely manage the data that matters most for your privacy and operations. We offer several products and services for homes and businesses to modernize and personalize data security.

Our Data and Network Security Solutions

Network Infrastructure Planning

We’ll find a secure network security solution that works for your home or business. We can build small to mid-size networks and tailor the configuration to maximize bandwidth and security. At Prestige Security Solutions, we also do the heavy lifting with getting your devices online and integrated within your system. With our firewalls in place, your network users are safe to browse, send and communicate internally.

Data Verification and Storage

You can integrate your security systems with our central cloud to automatically monitor recordings and reports. Before the data comes to us, we verify every byte of information. We guard your data and let you access it easily, and we store as much as you need — however long you need it — based on our flexible pricing.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP refers to conducting telephone service over the internet. Calls are routed through your network for higher audio quality and you’ll gain additional flexibility by using internet-enabled devices for conversations.

In many cases, VoIP is a competitive switch for small businesses because it allows you to consolidate the traditional phone line in favor of a wireless system. You’ll usually only have to pay for the internet to make future calls. VoIP also helps protect communication between employees on this internal system. As one of our data security solutions, we can provide your business with both the hardware and software for VoIP calls in addition to our cloud-based storage systems.


Benefits of Our Data Solutions

How does Prestige Security Solutions leverage cutting-edge network security for you?

  • Extra convenience: You have a single vendor you know and trust to handle the storage and processing of your entire security system. Another advantage is how easy it is for you to broaden network security services as your requirements increase in scale.
  • Enhanced security: You’ll have the confidence to conduct business online as usual, without experiencing breaches or outages. We work tirelessly to protect your information regardless of the options you purchase from us.
  • Quality customer service: From troubleshooting to reconfiguring your network, our team is available when you need us to offer reliable assistance in managing your data.

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