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Security Systems in Waltham

At Prestige Security Solutions, we’re proud to provide security systems in Waltham, Massachusetts, for home and business owners who care about maintaining safe properties. With over five years of service in the Waltham area, we offer the best security solutions that integrate modern technology for ultimate protection and convenience. When you need surveillance systems, gates, locks or home alarms in Waltham, Prestige Security Solutions has you covered. Give us a call at 781-389-7678 to see how your property can benefit from our solutions. 

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Our Services

Waltham property owners can count on Prestige Security Solution for transparent rates on effective products and services. Our products integrate traditional solutions with modern technology for the best of both protection and convenience. We offer:

security system monitoring

Alarms and Monitoring Systems

Our alarms respond to motion, glass breakage, impact and environmental damage. You can monitor your system remotely from a smartphone app for increased safety.

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Locks and Hardware

We’ll integrate your building’s locking mechanisms with modern technology to prevent unauthorized entry while allowing easy access to verified individuals.

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Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems connect with our digital security system so you can assess the cause of a security breach.

access control card reader

Access Control Systems

With these systems, you can customize verification credentials or provide virtual keys to the employees or family members you want to admit.

electric security gates

Electric Gates

Gates are already a proficient security solution, and our modern technology increases effectiveness and convenience.

secure server room

Data Solutions

Our data solutions create a secure network that reduces the risk of cyber threats, allowing businesses and families to browse the internet and access their data safely.

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Both homes and businesses rely on their security infrastructures to protect what’s inside. By choosing a dependable security solution from a provider you can trust, you can provide the best protection for the people and property inside your building. From intrusion to weather damage, we have you covered. Work with Prestige Security Solutions to experience how you can benefit from our products and services.


When you outfit your Waltham home with security products from Prestige Security Solutions, you can protect your family and personal property with the market’s most reliable systems.You’ll experience various benefits, from boosted property value to reduced insurance costs.


Business owners can benefit from security systems in Waltham, Massachusetts, in a variety of ways. When you implement our commercial security solutions, you’ll protect your employees, customers and merchandise with a dependable system that ensures a fast, accurate response to security threats. With a safer building, your business will pay less for insurance and reduce the harmful effects of theft and vandalism.


Waltham’s Trusted Security Systems 

Since our inception in 2015, we at Prestige Security Solutions have gone against the grain to place customer satisfaction before personal interest in everything we do. We work closely with our customers on every commercial or residential project to find the solution that best meets their budget and security needs.

For more information on our products and services, contact our team today. 

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