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Home Alarm Systems in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Protecting what’s valuable to you means implementing devices that help you keep constant watch. Today’s technology and the expertise of Prestige Security Solutions make it simple to equip your home with space-saving, wireless alarms from leading manufacturers. We offer end-to-end services and evaluate, select and install personalized alarm systems for houses. 

We’re located in your community keeping it safer for everyone, not some large corporation whose only motives are profit. Trust in us to secure your home with an alarm system.

Ask our experts about our $0 down offerings for Home Alarm Systems. Prestige Security has available financing for select customers, contact us for more details and see if you qualify.

Types of Home Alarm Systems Available

Depending on the threats and locations you choose to monitor, we’ll usually recommend single or multiple varieties of home intruder alarm systems that work together. Each alarm detects a different activity in and around your house, but all can communicate with a central control system to immediately notify you of a concern.

Our alarm options include:

  • Motion: You can mount these low-profile devices to your walls or ceiling. They come with special optics systems to detect moving objects.
  • Glass break: Glass break alarms sound as soon as a window or door pane shatters.
    Shock: Shock alarms respond to vibrations or impacts against surfaces and entry points when an intruder tries to force their way in.
  • Environment: Fire alarms are a must, but you can pair them with other specialized environmental alarm devices. Choose devices that monitor for freezing or overheating areas, or install moisture sensors that can detect a leaking pipe or flooding basement.


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Why Choose Prestige to Install Intruder Alarm Systems for Your Home?

Seamless Integration

Homeowners typically pair their house’s general alarm system with other forms of security that activate the moment an emergency occurs. When a motion alarm goes off, for example, you may want a camera that you can view remotely on your smart device to verify the situation. At Prestige Security Solutions, we provide products that are compatible with one another, creating a networked approach to home monitoring.

Easy to Use

It’s simple to go to a store or shop online for a consumer-grade residential security system, but then you have to figure out how to place and program it yourself. We’ll instruct you on the functions you need to know after installation. Our customer support team also assists with troubleshooting, so you’re never unprotected for long.

Advanced Technology

As a homeowner, nothing can frustrate or terrify you more than a false alarm from a poor-quality security system. Our general home alarms use the latest advancements in sensor programming to help identify only real intruders and threats — and leave out Whiskers pushing a book off the shelf.

Alarm Monitoring Services

During an emergency, a rapid response is crucial. If you decide to link your house’s alarm system to our central security station, we guarantee we will investigate each warning we receive, especially for incidents that happen while you’re away. These services also let us continually update your alarm systems to ensure they’re performing at optimal levels.

For Security Alarm Systems at Home, Contact Your Local Pros at Prestige

Speak with one of our experts today and begin obtaining a free project estimate on the residential intruder alarm system you want for your home. We guarantee the price of your quote won’t change as long as the scope of work stays the same. To learn more about our options and services, get in touch online today.

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