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Security Systems in Woburn

At Prestige Security Solutions, we develop and install security systems for residential and commercial applications. Work with us for free estimates and price guarantees on reliable products that will protect your Woburn property. With over five years of experience serving property owners in Woburn and throughout Massachusetts, Prestige Security Solutions is the best source for monitoring and alarm systems you can trust in an emergency. 

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Alarm Systems

We provide commercial and home alarms in Woburn that protect properties from intrusion and environmental damage. With our security alarm systems, you can safeguard what matters to you with customizable technology that integrates with our monitoring systems. Your alarm system will detect motion, breaking glass, aggressive impacts and environmental factors like freezing, overheating and moisture.

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Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is one of the most effective forms of home and commercial security. Our cameras send real-time video feeds to your smartphone or computer, enabling a fast, accurate response to security alarms. Install your security cameras outside or within your Woburn home or business for the greatest chance to deter and catch thieves or determine the cause of a false alarm.

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Data Solutions

Integrating digital technology into your security system means you need to protect your data just as much as your physical property. At Prestige Security Solutions, we offer products and programs that maximize your ability to access data safely. You can secure your information behind a safe network that grants access when you need it but deters cyber threats.

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Alarm Monitoring Systems

With alarm monitoring systems from Prestige Security, Woburn residents and business owners can receive real-time notifications when their alarm systems detect a threat. Our monitoring system allows customers to safely assess an alarm’s cause from a remote location. We’ll connect your system to our 24/7 security monitoring station with representatives who will contact you when your alarm sounds. Our agents will check in with you to ensure your safety and, if necessary, contact emergency responders.

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Electric Gates

Gates are a tried and true security method that prevents unauthorized access to commercial and residential properties. At Prestige Security Solutions, we augment electric gates with modern technology to maximize security and convenience. Electric gates prevent intrusions while allowing remote control so you can open or close your gates at a distance.

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Access Control Systems

Access control systems give commercial and residential customers enhanced control over entry into their property. Our access control systems implement keypads, virtual keys, proximity readers and other features to prevent unauthorized access while increasing convenience for verified individuals. You can access features like entry code customization, remote locking and unlocking, video verification and scheduled locking for multiple locations all in one convenient smartphone app.

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Locks and Hardware

Another time-tested security mechanism, mechanical locking hardware regulates entry effectively for commercial and residential properties in Woburn. With locks and hardware from Prestige Security Solutions, you can access reliable locking systems that feature modern technological conveniences. Our master key systems, keypads, leversets, crash bars and other products integrate with our digital security system to improve protection and convenience.

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