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What do you see in your home? What do you see in your business? Hopefully, you see a haven for your belongings, loved ones, merchandise, employees, customers or property. This haven that holds what’s most valuable to you is worth protecting. Can your home or business see security risks for you? Comprehensive security solutions for your residential or commercial property can give you peace of mind against burglary, vandalism and disasters.

At Prestige Security Solutions, we install only the best professional security systems. Our customers are our neighbors and friends who we’re dedicated to protecting. You can rely on us to help you select a flexible and customizable system for your home or business, as well as wire it effectively to monitor your environment year-round. 

We are the professional security system installers your neighbors trust to secure their property, so you can depend on us to deliver the same quality service. Our integrated security solutions for homes and businesses range from simple to sophisticated. They’re priced affordably and are always reliable. These leading-brand products will also scale regardless of the size of your home or business.

Available Security System Solutions

Our home and business security solutions for properties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond include several types of devices and systems. We’ll help you determine the right fit for your space and unique security concerns.

Security Cameras

We equip homes and businesses with advanced camera surveillance capabilities, vital for knowing if the kids are indoors safely or if an intruder is trying to enter your commercial space. You can control cameras remotely, view feeds in real-time and access high-resolution footage captured by your network of recording devices, such as video doorbells and wireless security cameras. Video verification works lockstep with other security systems to determine if an emergency is unfolding.

Access Control

Safer than a lock and key and designed to let in only the people you authorize, access control grants secure entry through keypads or card readers. You can also implement intercoms to speak directly to your visitors. Oversee each door and disarm your systems from anywhere so you can welcome visitors to your home or business while blocking unwanted guests.

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security camera installation outside cabin

Intrusion Alarms

You can position intrusion alarms, equipped with the latest motion-sensing, breakage and vibration-detection technology, along your doors, windows or perimeter. Beyond sounding an alarm, these sensors can trigger response measures and immediately notify you of a breach on your personal device. Detectors include:

  • Motion sensors
  • Entry sensors
  • Environmental alarm devices
  • Glass break alarm devices

Smart Home Systems

Investing in a comprehensive security solution such as smart home features is essential to home improvement. Our smart home security systems are more than products that function in an emergency — they provide around-the-clock monitoring of your home’s environment. We can configure the system so that you can remotely change your thermostat, close your garage and more.

The Importance of Professional Security System Installation Services

Not all security solutions in Massachusetts are the same. We’ve found that some home and business owners miss out on complete, comprehensive protection for their residence or commercial property when they purchase a home or business security system online or off a store shelf. They have trouble understanding the functions or where the product should go. 

Trust our professionals to install your security system at your home or business. We know which device or system will work best for your needs and space. We can also offer recommendations and show you the ideal place to put each camera, panic alarm, control panel and sensor so you can ensure your property is thoroughly protected.

Why Choose Prestige Security Solutions to Install Security Systems for Your Home or Business?

As an experienced home and business security company, we specialize in professional installation for all our security systems. Our team can install cameras in discreet, prime vantage points, and we program your systems to communicate seamlessly with each other. 

At Prestige Security Solutions, we ensure you’re getting the most value from your security investment, and we’ll build you a transparent quote from the start. By hiring a qualified security expert to handle setup and integration, you can save money and reduce frustration in the long run. We offer several other advantageous services, such as professional monitoring, to help you make the most of your security investment.

Obtain Your Free Home or Business Security System Estimate

Prestige Security Solutions is the residential and commercial security company here for you in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond to simplify modern home protection. Request a visit from an experienced security professional today and get a no-obligation quote on a personalized alarm system.

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