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People have used locks and keys for centuries to protect valuables, both animate and inanimate. While the first generation of security lock hardware was satisfactory for the ancient Egyptians, they wouldn’t hold up in the 21st century. But valuables still need protection, which is why humanity continues to improve security lock services to meet the newfound challenges of a new millennium.

Advancing technology means better and more curated security services, but it doesn’t mean that traditional, mechanical security hardware is suddenly obsolete or not as effective. Mechanical security hardware has improved over the centuries and continues to thrive thanks to its continued success. Though digital security systems can be more convenient and accessible, sometimes they’re more effective when coupled with mechanical hardware.

The professionals at Prestige Security Solutions not only help with mechanical locks but also electronic lock service, such as smart locks.

Benefits of Having Locks and Hardware for Your Home or Business

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As mentioned, there are many benefits of using mechanical locks, especially for your home or business. The main benefit is that mechanical locks are tried and true — they are simple to use and don’t require remembering any PINs or codes. A simple key is all that’s needed, and for added security, you can design the lock so multiple keys simultaneously can unlock it. This is especially useful in commercial settings where there’s a higher potential for theft.

A good mechanical lock won’t be cheap, but when it comes to the security of your valuables and your loved ones, money shouldn’t deter you from buying the level of security you need. The good news is that mechanical locks usually cost less than elaborate security systems with multiple cameras. But just because they’re less expensive than advanced technological systems doesn’t mean they’re not as secure. Mechanical locks are designed for heavy wear and tear, so they are likely to last many, many years.

For even more security, a common practice is to combine mechanical locks with electronic security systems. An alarm system is great in case someone breaks into your home or business, but the addition of a mechanical lock — or even a keypad — is an additional line of defense. After all, if someone is determined to burglarize your home or business, you can at least make it extremely difficult for them.

Types of Lock Prestige Security Solutions Assists With

There are dozens of different types of locks around, some better than others based on your needs.

When it comes to residential or commercial lock services, the following types of locks are likely to be the most effective:

Master Key Systems

Probably one of the most popular types of security lock hardware is the master key system. These consist of multiple locks, all of which require their own unique key to open. However, there is also a single master key that can unlock every lock within the system.

Master key systems are great for businesses with multiple levels of security and limited access for certain levels of staff. Each person gets the keys necessary to access what they need, and there is a single master key for use in case of emergency. This is also effective for more than just its security benefits. With a master key system, you no longer need to carry dozens of keys at once, nor do you have to worry about losing all those keys and potentially exposing your business to harm.

Instead, you just need to worry about one key — and the best part is that you can customize the system so it works best for you. That means deciding which doors the master key can and cannot unlock and whether you need more than one master key.

The master key system is also one of the best residential lock services, including private homes, for the same reason. If there are multiple doors in your home, including the front, back and any side doors, a master key system can reduce three entryway keys into one master key so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of multiple keys while out and about. Additionally, if you ever decide to sell your home and realize that you’ve lost the key to the basement door or the back door, you can rest assured that the new owners will be able to access those entryways with the master key.


Leversets are great for when a keyed lock is unnecessary but some level of security still is. These locks are found in more places than the average consumer likely realizes because they’re so efficient and useful.

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Public or private bathrooms, conference rooms, bedrooms and offices are just some of the residential and commercial locations these locks work well. You can also combine leversets with numbered keypads to provide an added level of security — all without the need to keep track of dozens of keys.


Sometimes, it’s far more cost-effective for a business to use keypad locks rather than mechanical ones. For one thing, it reduces the number of physical keys that you need to make and distribute — and keep track of. Instead, a four- or five-digit PIN is all you need. A PIN is harder to crack, thanks to the seemingly infinite combinations of numbers available. And the beauty of technology means you can easily change the PIN whenever you want, which reduces the risk of any former employees using their code to burglarize your business.

Crash Bars

Ideal for commercial properties, crash bars come with many benefits both in security and safety. Alarm-activated crash bars allow for smooth exit in an emergency, performing the double duty of creating a barrier-free exit while sounding an alarm. Similarly, you can design them to be activated to unlock or lock at the sound of an alarm, and they can help prevent unwanted persons from entering.

The main benefit of crash bars remains the fact that it improves safety for everyone in your commercial building, ensuring an accessible way to get masses of people to safety.

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