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Business Alarm Systems in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

The safety and protection of your commercial property or facility is our top priority. Throughout the Boston area, Prestige Security Solutions offers the most effective commercial alarm systems from the best manufacturers. These devices identify intruders or unforeseen disasters in a quick, reliable manner, saving you on costly damages or replacements and safeguarding lives.

We’re a local business, just like you, who will help secure your property from theft. Since we’re local, we’re more in touch with our community and quicker to respond than the other guys.

Our Available Alarm Systems for Businesses

At Prestige Security Solutions, we carry a large assortment of business alarm systems, and we recommend only the best fit. An experienced representative will discuss your needs with you and examine the layout of your site to establish critical locations for alarms. We provide competitive quotes for a variety of systems, including: 

Intrusion Alarms

  • Motion: Motion alarms detect the movement of large objects in corridors, rooms or lots.
  • Glass break: Glass break alarms trigger from the sound of a window or display case shattering.
  • Impact: Impact alarms sound after forceful vibrations and shocks against solid objects, such as a door, vault or piece of equipment.

Environment Alarms

  • Temperature: Temperature sensors notice when the temperature of an area drops too low or rises too high. This is crucial in locations that store sensitive products.
  • Fire: Fire detectors sound when there are smoke, flames, sparking cables and more.
  • Moisture: Specialized moisture monitors are great for areas susceptible to mold growth, leaks or flooding.
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What Businesses Should Consider Installing Commercial Security Systems?

Around the US, there are many retail spaces, offices and industrial facilities that could benefit from installing advanced security packages. At Prestige Security Solutions, no job is considered too small or complex. We can arm these locations and many more:

  • Restaurants
  • Banking and financial services
  • Jewelry and electronics stores
  • Liquor stores and cannabis dispensaries
  • Warehouses and enterprises
  • Vacant lots, construction sites and scrapyards

Why Is Prestige Security Solutions a Top Provider of Commercial Alarms in MA?


Our clients love our tailored approach to services. Regardless of your square-footage or available budget, we work diligently to develop an industrial alarm system perfect for your building. We can also integrate other security options, such as cameras, locks and intercoms, with your system for a coordinated response. We supply all the products you need for a tailored solution. 

Quality Technology and Installation

Businesses need professional security solutions, not DIY methods or consumer products that come out of a box. Our business security systems have sophisticated tech such as infrared and mirror optics to cut down on false reports. We help determine the most advantageous places to install our alarms and teach you how to operate them efficiently. Quality installation is one of the ways we increase system longevity and value.

Alarm Monitoring Services

If you opt to pair your security systems with our dedicated central monitoring station, we’ll log incidents the moment they occur, and we’ll investigate any warnings we receive. We also keep your industrial business’s alarm system updated to give you one less maintenance task to worry about on your property.

Contact Us Today for the Right Business Alarm Security System 

As a Boston-area business owner, you should prepare for the unexpected with a security system you can trust. At Prestige Security Solutions, we make it easy to feel secure and confident. Schedule a free consultation with us by calling or contacting us online.

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