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Surveillance Systems in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Security cameras let you keep and eye on your home or business, even when you’re not around. You can view live footage to check everyday happenings or review past recordings for more information about a theft, fire or other events on your property. 

Home and commercial building owners in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond have relied on Prestige Security Solutions as the local business that equips and monitors their grounds and valuable assets. If you’re looking to install your first home security cameras or business surveillance system or upgrade your existing measures, we have a diverse lineup of state-of-the-art products.

Choosing the Right Video Surveillance Options 

We’re experts in surveillance system solutions in Massachusetts, and our helpful security experts are here to listen to and discuss your needs and specifications. We supply security cameras that run through coax cables or transmit over your wireless network. When you work with us, you’ll get assistance finding an affordable device that has the necessary resolution, size, range and onboard technology you need — including facial recognition, movement sensing and remote viewing.

We provide a wide variety of  home and business security cameras and features, including:

  • Fixed or still cameras: These devices stay in one position, offering a set field of view.
  • Audio in and out abilities: You can choose options to record sound or transmit it through a speaker.
  • Durable design: Robust, vandal-resistant and weather-proof lens casings protect your camera against damage. 
  • Infrared (night vision) cameras: Choose these cameras for an option that can see dozens or hundreds of feet ahead around your property, even in the dark.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras: These devices come with smart motion detection technology. They can swivel in varying directions and zoom in and out.
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Why You Should Invest in Video Surveillance

Security camera surveillance systems let you watch your property at all times, giving added peace of mind and security protection. Home and business owners can experience valuable benefits through this investment, including:

  • Safety improvements: Homes and businesses with security systems are more likely to avoid burglary. Even the presence of well-placed security camera systems can warn robbers away. 
  • Insurance reduction: Reduce your insurance costs by installing a security system. Most insurance companies offer discounts for adding the appropriate alarm systems. 
  • Remote monitoring: When you have cameras set up, you can watch them even when you’re vacationing away from your home or after business hours when people may seek to break into your property. 
  • Video records: After a robbery or natural event like a fire, review the footage to determine a culprit or collect other valuable information. 

Home Surveillance Systems

Safe, peaceful living begins with knowing what goes on around your residence. With remote access capabilities through your smartphone, tablet and other devices, you can view your front porch, backyard or living room at your convenience. Check on your children alone at home or view who rings the doorbell.  Monitor suspicious activity around your property and keep records to watch back later. We can install hard-wired or security cameras or wireless security cameras based on your preferences and our recommendations.

When you work with the professionals at Prestige Security Solutions for your home security system, you get the advantage of experts with years of experience. We know the best angles and equipment types to give you a valuable return on your security investment. 

While you may be tempted to find security cameras online and install them yourself, working with our team gives you a reliable, high-quality system. Our experts can answer questions and explain the unique features of different cameras so you get the best solution for you.

Commercial Surveillance Systems

At Prestige Security Solutions, we provide sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled recording devices that capture clear footage of your guests and employees. For example, you can aim security cameras at your parking lot to catch license plates. This capability may allow you to catch illegal dumping in your dumpsters or ensure that only your employees and clients use your parking lot.

 We can put other security cameras in your aisles, backrooms and service areas. These placements enable you to monitor every area where customers enter and employees work. After closing time, our surveillance cameras allow you to constantly monitor your environment’s conditions for accidents such as electrical shortages or floods.

We’ll set up indoor and outdoor security cameras, depending on your needs as a business. With our team working on your commercial security systems, you get advanced control over your monitoring capabilities, from video to motion sensors. We offer a wide selection of cameras for the right angles and monitoring capabilities. Our cameras have a high resolution, so you always know exactly what you see. 

How Prestige Security Solutions Tailors Surveillance to Your Needs

We draw on a wealth of experience in the security industry to deliver professional, customized surveillance systems for our New England neighbors and friends. Our process includes: 

  • Planning and positioning: We select the wall and ceiling locations for your security cameras that provide the best coverage and protection.
  • Installation: You don’t need to worry about  your security camera installation. We’ll set up your new system quickly, efficiently and demonstrate how to operate it.
  • Storage and monitoring: Rarely will a security camera you buy off the shelf let you store recorded footage at a secure central location. We offer convenient storage and retrieval plans to preserve your data.
  • Troubleshooting: Are you experiencing any problems with your surveillance cameras? We’re available long after the sale for support, whether over the phone or on-site.

Contact Us to Plan a Customized Surveillance Access Solution 

Prestige Security Solutions offers the most comprehensive surveillance system services in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond. Trust our dedicated, skilled team to keep a watchful eye on your property so nothing slips past. Consult with us to obtain a guaranteed quote for the scope of your project. Schedule your visit through our online form today.

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