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Security Systems in Worcester

Whether you own a home or business in Worcester, Massachusetts, protecting your building is important. The best way to ensure the safety of the people and property under your roof is to integrate an effective, user-friendly security system from a trusted source. At Prestige Security Solutions, we offer comprehensive commercial and residential security systems that give property owners the most control of their building’s safety. With over five years of experience providing security solutions in Worcester, we’re here to make the process easy and affordable. 

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Our Services

Commercial and residential customers throughout Worcester can count on our security solutions to prevent unwanted access while simplifying entry for trusted employees and family members. Turn to Prestige Security Solutions for: 

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Alarm Systems

We offer commercial and home alarms in Worcester that alert property owners of damage from intrusion or environmental factors.

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Electric Gates

We offer multiple types of gates that integrate modern digital technology to maximize protection against unauthorized property entry while enhancing convenience for verified entrants.

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Data Solutions

In addition to physical security, we offer data security solutions that allow businesses and families to browse the internet behind a secure firewall that protects all sensitive information.

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Alarm Monitoring Systems

Our monitoring systems enable remote access to alarm information so you can safely determine the source and legitimacy of an alarm.

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Locks and Hardware

Our locks and hardware combine the time-tested security of traditional locking mechanisms with modern technology. The result is a secure lock with convenient entry and monitoring for property owners and authorized individuals.

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Video Surveillance Systems

With our video surveillance systems, you can remotely access a real-time feed from your computer or smartphone.

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Access Control Systems

Our access control systems allow you to customize your property’s entry credentials, use smartphone master keys and grant access remotely from a convenient database.

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Benefiting From Security Solutions 

Whether you own a home or business in or around Worcester, bolstering your property’s security can bring numerous benefits. 

As a homeowner, protecting your family and property is a top priority. Our home alarms, security cameras, locks, monitoring systems and other solutions can deter threats and help you respond quickly when they occur. Your property will experience ultimate protection from intrusion and weather damage, resulting in increased value and reduced insurance fees.

For business owners, security products and remote monitoring systems ensure the safety of employees, customers and merchandise. From restaurants to retail shops, autobody garages and beyond, our solutions help businesses maintain a watchful eye over their property and provide a fast response when there’s a problem. With our help, you can reduce the impacts of theft, vandalization and weather damage that could result in insurance fees and the need for repairs.


Worcester’s Trusted Security Systems 

When home and business owners in Worcester, Massachusetts, need security products and services from a trusted local source, they turn to Prestige Security Solutions. Since 2015, we’ve helped property owners take control of their security through dependable products and an easy-to-use remote monitoring service. To discuss how we can help you find a security system that meets your needs and budget, contact our team today.

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