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Security Systems in Manchester

As a property owner in Manchester, New Hampshire, your building is important to you, and so are the people living or working inside. Whether you own a commercial or residential property, ensuring the safety of the lives and property behind your walls starts with a high-quality security system

At Prestige Security Solutions, we’re here to provide Manchester’s home and business owners with effective security systems that deter threats and mitigate their harmful effects. From locks to alarms, keypads and surveillance cameras, we have competitive rates on everything you need to keep a watchful eye over your property. 

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Manchester Security System Services

Residential and commercial properties in Manchester face the potential for intrusion or weather damage throughout the year. It’s essential to outfit your property with a system that recognizes threats and sends a warning so you and your family, staff or customers can get to safety. Our security systems cover all the bases to keep your home or business safe during a break-in or natural disaster. Work with Prestige Security Solutions for: 

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Alarm Systems

A reliable alarm system is necessary to provide a timely and effective response to emergencies at your home or business. Our alarm systems will promptly notify you when they detect a threat. Your system will connect you with our monitoring center, and we’ll check in and determine whether you need help from emergency responders.

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Surveillance Systems

When your security system detects a threat, knowing the cause helps determine your next steps. Video surveillance gives you a direct view of your entryways so you can spot intruders or uncover the source of damage. We offer various security camera options to match any property’s needs.

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Access Control

We offer tools to help you prevent unauthorized entry into your building without inconveniencing your family or staff. With our access control systems, you can outfit your doors and gates with keypads, proximity readers, virtual key readers and other technology that limits access.

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Remote Monitoring

With Prestige Security Solutions, you can view all of your video surveillance footage and access control parameters from your smartphone. You’ll have complete control over your building’s security even when you’re away.

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Security Matters 

Security threats are a real possibility in Manchester and beyond. As a commercial or residential property owner, outfitting your building with a reliable security system can help you feel confident that the people under your roof are safe. Choose a security system for your property to benefit from: 

  • Theft prevention: Your surveillance system will deter intruders and catch them if they strike. 
  • Environmental safety: You’ll be aware of water leaks, floods, freezing pipes, fires and other environmental threats. 
  • Timely emergency responses: Our 24/7 monitoring center will send emergency responders as soon as you need them. 
  • Reduced insurance fees: Many insurance companies offer lower rates for properties with enhanced safety and reduced risk of theft, vandalism or environmental damage.
  • Boosted property value: A safer property commands greater value on the market. 


Prestige Security Solutions — Manchester’s Best 

With over five years of experience serving residential and commercial customers in Manchester and throughout southern New Hampshire, we’re proud to be the leading security solutions team in the area. To discuss how we can tailor a security system to your property, contact us online or call us at 781-253-8877 today.

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