Environmental Monitoring Alarm Systems

When it comes to home and commercial monitoring, you need comprehensive security solutions that quickly identify intruders and unforeseen hazards. Multiple technologies must work together to create an impenetrable defense, and environmental monitoring can be part of that protection system.

Prestige Security Solutions can cover every base of your home or office with reliable coordinated tech from industry-leading manufacturers. Protecting your property against intrusion is only half the battle — you’ll also need environmental monitoring alarms to help safeguard lives and prevent damage. 

What Is Environmental Monitoring?

Both homes and businesses can benefit from multiple, coordinated alarm varieties. An environmental monitoring alarm system detects unforeseen changes for various specialized conditions. Add hazard alarm monitoring for extreme temperatures, carbon monoxide leaks or flooding. Alerts are quick and reliable so you can take action before disaster strikes.

In a central control system, all your alarms work simultaneously to detect different activities in and around your building. Receive immediate notifications from motion, glass break and shock alarms to target property theft or damage concerns. Pair your intrusion alarms with various environmental alarm systems to safeguard lives and valuables against CO2, floods and other potential hazards.

types of environmental alarms

Types of Environmental Alarm Systems

1. Temperature Alarm Systems

These sensors monitor for sudden and severe increases or decreases in temperature. When temperatures fluctuate outside of the dedicated safe range, various problems may occur inside the freezing or overheating area. As low temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst, temperatures that rise too high can damage heat-sensitive assets.

Place sensors in any room where the temperature needs to be controlled. Monitor cold storage, freezers, computer rooms and other areas containing sensitive products to detect problems before the temperatures reach hazardous levels.

2. Humidity Alarm Systems

Monitor humidity levels to prevent areas from getting overly dry or humid. Notifications about sudden fluctuations help maintain exact humidity levels in greenhouses, storage spaces and other susceptible areas. Ensure living arrangements are comfortable for people and pets with particular sensitivities.

This monitoring can also prevent mold growth in damp places like basements, showers and areas around heating or cooling units. Consider specialized moisture monitors to help protect environments that are especially susceptible to mold growth.

3. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems

A toxic gas leak in your home or office can be deadly. Whether it’s propane, carbon dioxide or natural gas, a specialized detection system could be the only way to know when danger is present.

Because carbon monoxide is invisible, silent and often odorless, it’s incredibly challenging to detect without a carbon monoxide alarm system. Monitor your home 24/7 so you can catch toxic gases the moment they enter your home. Ensure those closest to you remain protected even when you’re traveling or asleep.

4. Flood Alarm Systems

These alarm systems catch leaks or flooding before they develop into serious and expensive water damage. A leaking pipe or flooding basement may take hours or even days to notice on your own. Specialized moisture and water level sensors provide immediate alerts when too much moisture is detected or water reaches a certain level.

Consider moisture monitoring alarms for areas like basements or bathrooms, which are more susceptible to leaks, flooding and mold growth.

Why You Need Environmental Alarms for Your Home or Business

These alarms are a vital part of any security system package. An impenetrable defense against intruders and environmental hazards requires multiple coordinated technologies to keep a constant watch over your surroundings. Install as many alarm varieties as you need to safeguard your family and protect your property.

It’s no secret that property damage can occur at any time and cost thousands of dollars to repair. Without hazard alarm monitoring, any furnace malfunctions, water pipe bursts, basement floods, refrigeration failures or toxic gas leaks may go undetected for hours or even days. Avoid putting your family or employees at risk of dangerous environmental conditions.

Specific environmental alarm sensors — like smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems — are considered essential life safety devices for any home or commercial security system. These devices can properly alert you and the people around you to a dire situation. Whether there’s a life-threatening carbon monoxide leak or severe flash flooding, you need environmental alarms for quick and reliable notifications.

When an alarm is triggered, you receive immediate alerts wherever you are so you can act quickly. Fix problems before they lead to costly damages, and contact the proper individuals about severe concerns in and around your building.

Professional Alarm Monitoring

Once you have a system in place, you’ll want 24/7 alarm monitoring to keep a consistent eye on it all. Connect your security system with our professional alarm monitoring services, and we’ll investigate the moment an alarm goes off at your location. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind even when you’re asleep or away and unable to monitor the system personally.

Incidents are logged immediately to our central security station so we can contact you the moment a situation occurs. We aim to ensure your awareness and safety during an incident — we’ll even contact local emergency responders if necessary. These calls can be vital for unoccupied locations where thefts and damages could take hours or even days to discover.

Plus, you can add functions to arm and disarm your system remotely and see all activity from your phone. Maintain the system’s reliability and longevity with routine updates and maintenance. This way, you never have to go without seeing how your home or business is doing.

Partner With Prestige Security Solutions for Environmental Alarm Monitoring

Partner With Prestige Security Solutions for Environmental Alarm Monitoring

We install thoughtfully designed alarm systems to protect your specific home or business. Consider installing both intrusion and environmental alarms so you get the most out of your overall monitoring system. 

Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to help you maximize your home or commercial security system with end-to-end installation. Contact us today for your no-obligation quote.


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