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Access Control Systems in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Door locks are a classic component of security. While you may trust their reliability, you may not trust yourself. You can easily forget, misplace or lose your keys, or someone could steal them, creating worrisome vulnerabilities on your property. We believe digital locks are the solution.

When you need to install digital access control systems on your property, trust in Prestige Security Solutions to do it the right way. We are the professional access control installers your neighbors trust with their access control setup. We can assist you with all your access control needs, from door access control to gate access control.

Our Access Control Alarm Systems for Properties

At Prestige Security Solutions, we carry a wide range of physical access control systems that we can tailor to any United States residence or business. Our access control systems are customizable, yet have infinite scalability for any number of doors. Whether your goal is solidifying perimeter security or controlling access to certain areas indoors, our team has the design and installation expertise to equip your space with the most cutting-edge technology available.

Some examples of our custom access control systems include:

  • Keypads: A keypad unlocks entries with a code.
  • Proximity readers: Proximity readers are card-based scanners that activate with just a touch.
  • Virtual keys: Use virtual keys as unique, scannable codes displayed on personal smartphones.

Our access control panels and intercoms are sleek, durable and simple to manage through apps and software. You can instantly revoke permissions or lockdown access points wirelessly. Digital-based access control provides property protection and eliminates the need to change out locks and collect keys.

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Commercial Access Control

We understand that businesses run on tight schedules and may have even stricter restrictions about where employees and visitors can go. Our industrial access solutions will create detailed reports and allow you to monitor the status of each lock. This technology is easy to install and integrate, plus it uses cloud-based controls — eliminating the need to maintain a bulky server infrastructure.

What are the other benefits of having an access control general alarm system? 

  • Assign and edit your personnel’s credentials
  • Easily lock and unlock your structure remotely from multiple devices
  • Get instant notification of unlocks with verification by video
  • Customize door schedules to allow entry at only certain times of day
  • Manage multiple locations with our central management system

Prestige Security Solutions walks you through the measures you hope to implement and where, and then we provide a competitive, transparent price for the project.

Access Control for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and other US Communities 

For gated developments and apartment complexes, understanding who comes and goes is crucial. With our access control systems designed for residential locations, secure entry only requires a mobile app or keypad press to eliminate the traditional lock and key. 

Residents can see who’s calling for them outside using a video intercom panel and unlock the door with just a swipe on their smart device. If you’re a property manager, you can see timestamped entry and exit logs, modify residential permissions, notify tenants through text message broadcasts, set up delivery PINs for couriers and much more.

Secure Your Property for the Future — Contact Prestige Security Solutions Today

As reputable professionals of access control systems in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond, let Prestige Security Solutions upgrade your everyday entry points for the 21st century. Coupling access control intruder alarm systems with additional offerings will add greater protection for your residential community, industrial facility or other sites.

Ask us for a consultation regarding access control installation, and our experts will provide a free quote. To get started, contact our team online.

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