Security Systems in Medford, MA

Safety and protection are top priorities for commercial and residential properties alike in and around the Medford area. To secure your property, invest in a security system from a dependable local provider. At Prestige Security Solutions, we’ve been providing security systems for both commercial and residential customers since 2015. Count on us for reliable end-to-end security systems in Medford, MA, and beyond. 

Home Security Systems 

Protecting your family and property starts with an effective security system, and Prestige Security has everything Medford homeowners need. Our systems make it easy to arm and monitor your home for maximum security against numerous threats. Our experienced team will evaluate your property and install a personalized alarm system tailored to your precise requirements. 

Prestige Security is proud to offer the following home alarm system options for Medford residents:

  • Motion: We’ll mount motion-sensing devices on your walls or ceiling for a low-profile security solution that detects moving objects. 
  • Glass break: Our alarms will sound as soon as a window or door pane breaks, but they’ll also respond to sudden vibrations or impacts at entry points to signal an intruder before they successfully break in. 
  • Environment: These alarms go beyond general fire monitoring to detect freezing or overheating areas around your home. They also include moisture sensors that detect leaks or floods. 

Commercial Security Systems

Commercial properties can experience massive benefits from implementing a high-quality security system. From restaurants to banks or warehouses, a security breach can cost businesses a fortune. With a dependable security system from Prestige Security Solutions, you can protect your business against any threat. Our commercial alarm systems will protect against: 

  • Intrusion: Trespassing can result in property damage or theft. That’s why our alarms offer an extensive range of protection. Our motion alarms will detect large moving objects in hallways, storage rooms, vacant lots or any other setting. Our glass break alarms trigger at the sound of breaking glass from windows or display cases. Impact alarms sense sudden and forceful vibrations against doors, vaults, expensive equipment and more. 
  • Environmental threats: Our business security systems also monitor temperature, fire and moisture to protect against natural disasters. When an area’s temperature drops too low or rises too high, the alarms will sound. Similarly, our systems will detect smoke, flames and sparking cables, as well as leaks, floods or mold growth. 





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Why Prestige Security Solutions? 

Prestige Security Solutions was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced technicians ready to use their industry knowledge to start something new. Today, we provide the best security solution by combining our skills with incredible personal care. We work with Medford residents and business owners to build and install a fully integrated security system around their needs. 

As a locally owned and operated business servicing customers in and around Medford, MA, we foster profound care for our community. When you order from us, we’ll donate 10% of our profits to one of several foundations based on your preferences. 



At Prestige Security Solutions, we value our customers’ opinions. Please leave us a review to tell us about your experience with the Prestige Security Solutions team! We’d love to hear from you! 

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