Alarm Systems in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Beyond

At Prestige Security Solutions, we understand the many risks your property faces, which is why we provide reliable, comprehensive security systems.

It’s too late to wish you had a system in place when you have to clean up after vandalism or apply for an insurance claim. With tamper-proof features and instant alert capabilities available, our business alarm systems are highly scalable for your Massachusetts business or facility.

We also carry simple-to-use control panels and accessories for these security systems. Read about our diverse selection below and how we can successfully guard your location.


    Intrusion Alarms

    We specialize in Massachusetts and New Hampshire alarm systems with wireless sensors that don’t take painstaking effort to mount or route. They can detect a variety of threats with advanced sensing technologies and optics, including:

    • Motion sensors: Detect the slightest movement from intruders or objects in your hallways or around the perimeter.
    • Glassbreak detectors: With sophisticated sound processing and programmable sensitivity modes, our systems will detect a broken window in moments. 
    • Vibration sensors: These sensors deter thieves by responding to impacts and shocks against doors, walls and safes.

    Environment Sensors

    For effective environmental control and safety, rely on our solutions such as:

    • Temperature sensors: For freezers, storage rooms and other places that need a steady temperature, you can program our alarms to alert you when conditions change unexpectedly.
    • Smoke and fire detectors: These devices limit false alarms and can communicate their status to linked control panels, eliminating the need to guess when it’s time for maintenance.
    • Water sensors: Ideal for basements, kitchens, laundry rooms and more spots susceptible to flooding or water damage.





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    Integrated Technology Capabilities

    It’s occasionally enough to know that something’s gone wrong, but how you respond in the moment is essential, too. Prestige Security Solutions has the technology necessary to coordinate your Massachusetts/New Hampshire personal alarm system with other devices.

    Once the system spots an intruder, you can turn on the lights for your security cameras or control your door locks. It’s also vital to lower or raise the temperature of your facility from anywhere to control energy usage and prevent product loss.

    With our customizable alarm systems for businesses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire (and beyond), it’s simple to integrate relays and additional measures to enhance your security plan. All it takes is a call or click to start discussing the possibilities with our staff.

    Alarm Monitoring Services

    You can also connect your security system to our central security station. We ensure your alarm is up to date and functioning properly, and we thoroughly investigate each warning we receive.

    Prestige Security Solutions Is Your Source for Commercial Alarm Systems in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Beyond

    No other security company in the region is as well-stocked and detail-oriented as the Prestige Security Solutions team. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction and always willing to work within your specifications and budget.

    We have experience at locations surrounding the following cities





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    Schedule a consultation and walk-through of your property today! Reach us by phone at 781-253-8877 or through our online form, and a knowledgeable representative will get in touch.

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