Investing in your future

Prestige Security Solutions works within your budget to offer security solutions that fit your needs. A modern security system is a great investment that will raise property value and give you access to a number of safety resources in your community and with the Prestige Security Team. Get peace-of-mind with a security system that protects your property around the clock.

Smart Home Systems

Our smart home security systems offer an all-in-one home protection system customized to fit your needs. Alert notifications can be set to by text, email and/or phone call. Monitoring system status can be done from a number of devices including mobile phones. A smart home security system can be customized to fit any size home or apartment.

Data and Networking

Data collected and used by security systems installed by Prestige Security Solutions is stored on a secure network so communication coming from the system is verified before it is sent. Data can be set to be saved for any length of time but saving info from last 30 days is recommended to keep storage size down.


Prestige Security Solutions offers the option to include high-definition cameras in any security system installation. The cameras will record and save high-quality footage from around your property so you can keep your assets safe. Homes and businesses are all vulnerable to theft, fire and other property damage. Make sure you can find out what happened when it matters most with a reliable surveillance system.

Sound Masking

Employee productivity is an essential part of an effective business, our sound masking products can ensure a more quiet work area and a higher level of employee productivity.

Alarm Monitoring

Connect your security system to our central security station to ensure security warnings are thoroughly investigated. Ensure your security system is up to date and working correctly with our alarm monitoring service.

Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion alarm systems are designed to alert you in the event of any dangers including burglary and fire. We tailor our intrusion alarm systems to specifically fit your needs.

Access Control

Protect your property with a physical access control system from Prestige Security Solutions. Choose from a variety of options to find the right solution for your home or business.

The Highest Standards

Our staff is qualified to install security systems on residential and commercial properties. We have experience working on many different properties and customize each system per client specifications. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation.

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