Investing in Your Safety

Property owners know that it only takes one unexpected event to threaten your possessions and well-being. We have sophisticated technology, as well as security tips and expertise, to help you see those dangers coming.

Prestige Security Solutions helps you invest in the future safety of your home or business with modern, customizable security systems. Our integrated technology solutions cover many possible threats to your home or business, whether that’s physical security against burglary and vandalism or accidents such as burst pipes and fires.

Prestige Security Solutions is fully equipped to protect every residence or commercial property in different environments. Our residential and commercial security systems are easy to control and reconfigure, working around the clock and putting your worries at ease.

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Smart Home Systems

The all-in-one home security systems we offer will grant you peace of mind and control of your personal haven. Owners can monitor their security systems inside and outside whenever, wherever. Get an alert on your personal devices and control your in-home technology wirelessly with integrated security, letting you instantly respond to issues.

Access Control

Our line of physical access control systems helps you know exactly who comes and goes within your property, a vital measure for commercial security and private multi-tenant communities. Our scalable systems can protect one entryway or an infinite number with options such as:

  • Keypad entry panels
  • Card-based proximity scanners
  • Video verification
  • Permission controls and activity logs

We also install other current security solutions such as audio and video intercoms and allow remote control of door locking mechanisms.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring Cameras

Our high-definition cameras capture the detail you need to identify unwanted guests and have peace of mind about securing your business. We carry surveillance systems with the latest IVS technology, including face detection, pan-tilt-zoom auto-tracking and heat mapping, plus versatile mounting systems to keep watch from any wall or ceiling. We can set up these and more:

  • Bullet- and dome-shaped cameras
  • Fixed, panoramic or 360-degree video capture
  • Cameras with audio in and out feeds
  • Remotely controlled cameras

Data and Networking

These days, malicious people don’t even have to come to your doorstep to affect your livelihood. You need to safeguard your information and network infrastructure from cyberattacks and theft. Partner with us, and we’ll provide easy and secure management of your data with services such as:

– Centralized data storage inside our facility

– Device integration throughout your grounds and network

– Firewall setup

– VOIP devices and phone service

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Prestige Security Solutions offers the option to include high-definition cameras in any security system installation. The cameras will record and save high-quality footage from around your property so you can keep your assets safe. Homes and businesses are all vulnerable to theft, fire and other property damage. Make sure you can find out what happened when it matters most with a reliable residential or commercial surveillance system.

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Sound Masking

Employee productivity is an essential part of an effective business, our sound masking products can ensure a more quiet work area and a higher level of employee productivity.

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Alarm Monitoring

Connect your security system to our central security station to ensure security warnings are thoroughly investigated. Ensure your security system is up to date and working correctly with our alarm monitoring service.

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Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion alarm systems are designed to alert you in the event of any dangers including burglary and fire. We tailor our intrusion alarm systems to specifically fit your needs.

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Access Control

Protect your property with a physical access control system from Prestige Security Solutions. Choose from a variety of options to find the right solution for your home or business.

The Highest Standards

Our staff is qualified to install security systems on residential and commercial properties. We have experience working on many different properties and customize each system per client specifications. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation.

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