Electric Gates for Homes and Offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

When it comes to security, gates are one of the oldest methods available. They’re incredibly simple, usually composed of no more than a row of metal bars, yet they’re equally effective. They’re capable of keeping out the bulk of intruders on both business and residential property.

Even in the midst of technological innovations from the past few decades, such as security cameras and scanners, gates have proven effective enough to keep them from being supplanted by newer creations. However, even though gates don’t need to be replaced, they can often be upgraded. This revelation has led to the development of electric gates, which add a new layer of functionality to an already highly efficient means of security.

What Are Electric Gates?

The basic concept of electric security gates lies right in the name. Traditional gates are no more than metal structures that can be manually opened and closed. However, electric gates connect those structures to an electrical grid that renders most manual interaction unnecessary. They allow users to open and close them from a distance. Because they’re not designed to be operated manually, they are simultaneously harder to break into.

Installing security gates for commercial properties and homes is an excellent way to increase your overall security. A variety of different electric security gate systems exist, each of which functions differently from the next. Here is an overview of four of the most common gate types:

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1. Swing Gates

Swing gates are exactly what they sound like — gates that swing open and closed on hinges. These gates are the most similar to traditional gates, which open and close the same way. The difference, of course, is that these are operated remotely rather than manually. Instead of using regular hinges, electric swing gates use a system of various parts and gears connected to the electrical grid, enabling them to open and close on their own.

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2. Slide Gates

While swing gates are the simplest type of electric gate you can own, they can sometimes run into things as they swing out.

Slide gates come with the benefit of avoiding this issue. They open and close by sliding back and forth parallel to their length, along the neighboring stretch of gate. They do this using wheels on the bottom that roll across the ground. By using this method, they don’t take up any additional space in the process of opening and closing, and cars can sit directly in front of the gate as it opens.

cantilever gates

3. Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are essentially a different type of slide gate. At a glance, they function the same way, opening by sliding along the edge of the adjacent gate length and out of the way. But the difference lies in how they’re supported and how they move. Regular slide gates roll along with the help of wheels on the ground. However, these wheels can become obstructed by different things, such as heavy amounts of snow.

Cantilever gates offer a solution to this problem. Instead of placing their wheels on the ground, they’re supported by bars on the part of the gate they slide along. By rolling along these bars, they eliminate dependence on the ground, allowing them to function more reliably.

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Boom Barrier Gates

Boom barrier gates might not look exactly like what you think of when you hear the word “gate,” but you’ve no doubt seen them before. Most often, they consist of a single bar that extends out horizontally to block vehicles from passing. When they open, they swing upward like the hand of a clock to let the vehicle through.

These gates aren’t as good at keeping out intruders who are on foot as other types of gates. However, they’re great as a simple method for preventing vehicular entry.

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Electric gates are an excellent way to improve on the convenience, appearance and — most importantly — security of your home or office. But, most often, gates are only one element of the equation. To ensure full security, you’ll also want to look into things like intruder alarms, security cameras and even digital protections, such as firewalls.

Thankfully, Prestige Security Solutions has your back. Operating throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond, we offer each of the above services individually, as well as an all-in-one smart home security system. Whichever option you choose, Prestige will be there to help you keep your premises safe.

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