Automation Systems

Technology has become so integral to our everyday lives. We rely on its convenience — and increasingly, its added security.

Home and building automation systems control various independent devices. Each is networked to a central hub that you, the owner, can program while away using WiFi technology. It may seem overwhelming or impossible to control correctly, but Prestige Security Solutions makes complex automation systems seem straightforward for United States property owners.

What Types of Products Work Together in Automation Systems?

Typical automation systems for buildings consist of two groups of devices — sensors and controllers.


  • Motion, glass break and vibration detectors
  • Life safety monitors such as fire, smoke, leak and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Heat/frost detectors


  • Door locks and openers
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Thermostats — air conditioning and heating
  • Inside and outside lighting

What Can You Achieve With Automation?

Safety, convenience and energy savings are the three essential benefits you’ll receive by incorporating a building automation system into your New England home or business. Some of the major applications of security automation include:

  • Text message alerts of potential issues in the structure
  • Remote access to your cameras from a tablet or phone
  • Arm or disarm your security system from anywhere
  • Manage your energy use through the lights and thermostat
  • Programmable schedules for multiple devices

Security Automation Systems for Homes

You probably have heard of residential automation systems being referred to as “smart homes”. While this technology can’t think for itself, it will give you some handy controls, such as lifting the garage door for the house cleaners or checking the living room camera, all remotely.

Think of your typical routine before bed — you walk to the thermostat to adjust the temperature, go to your security panel to arm the system and finally turn off each lightswitch. Instead of handling all those settings manually, you could have all three programmed to toggle with a single button or voice command.

Commercial Automation Systems 

Security is essential in running a business, and it’s valuable for you to know the condition of your workplace whenever and wherever.

For instance, business owners can access their video feeds from their company’s building automation system remotely after-hours to make sure everything is closed and ready for work the next day. Say there’s a problem you couldn’t see, however — such as the cooling system in your refrigerated storage room breaks down while you’re asleep. If you have a temperature sensor at your business, the central control system will send a crucial alert to your device that the area is warmer than normal. Then you can respond quickly and salvage your inventory.

Contact the Building Automation System Experts

There are many possibilities you can explore with automated security and monitoring. Our security company offers automation packages for homes and businesses, plus we perform efficient installation and device integration services for you. We have multiple varieties of cameras, alarms, sensors and access control locks that operate seamlessly together. We’ll work closely within your needs to harness this cutting-edge technology for a convenient, secure future.

To learn more about our available options from an expert, reach out online today.

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