A Voice over Internet Protocol provider lets you make and receive calls using your internet connection rather than a landline. It’s easy to set up VoIP phone systems anywhere you have an internet connection, facilitating remote work. Various providers offer VoIP for homes or businesses, which can save you significant money.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP is an internet-powered phone service for businesses or homes. This technology lets you communicate efficiently over a broadband connection, eliminating the need for a physical landline. The typical VoIP setup consists of an internet router and connected handset, and the internet connection transmits your speech just as a landline service would. However, while traditional landlines use copper wires to enable communication, VoIP uses your internet service.

A landline physically attaches to one spot in a building, limiting where you can use it. A VoIP phone can work anywhere there’s an internet connection, allowing you to place it where it’s most convenient and move it anytime you need to. Whether you rearrange office spaces or move into a new building, a VoIP system is easy to take with you. 

How Does VoIP Work?

You can use VoIP to call other VoIP users or landlines, easily reaching all your contacts. Your VoIP phone connects to your internet service provider through a router. When you dial a number, your VoIP phone signals your service provider to make the call. As your VoIP service exchanges data packets from your phone handset, the phone converts the digital signals into sounds you can hear. The data packets travel rapidly and can reach worldwide in less than a second.

Benefits of VoIP

A VoIP phone handset performs all the same functions as a traditional landline phone, with extra features.

  • Quality sound: VoIPs offer HD-quality sound by connecting via the internet. If you experience any network issues affecting sound quality, a VoIP system includes management tools to check for and troubleshoot potential issues.
  • Reliability: VoIP systems are more reliable than landlines and provide a higher calling standard. Unexpected power outages and severe weather can prevent a landline from working. With VoIP, you can keep making calls as long as your internet connection is stable. If you lose internet, you can route VoIP calls to cellphones for convenient troubleshooting. Some companies also offer alternative connection capabilities during outages.
  • Lower costs: A VoIP can significantly lower your monthly expenses. Most people who switch from landlines to VoIPs reduce their monthly phone bills to nearly half what they previously paid for their landline services. VoIP phone systems also save on upfront costs because they operate without the expensive on-premise private branch exchange boxes landlines require.
  • More affordable international calls: International calls cost less through a VoIP provider than they do through a traditional phone service provider.
  • Easy setup: A VoIP phone is a cloud-based system requiring no on-site installation. Plugging a power cord into the wall and a network cable into the phone handset is all you need to do to set up your new VoIP system. If you use power over Ethernet, setup is even more straightforward because you can use a single cord to transmit power and data.
  • Accessibility: Most VoIP providers offer an app for your smartphone or laptop so you can make and receive calls without a desk phone, further decreasing costs by reducing the hardware you need.
  • Communication ease: VoIP streamlines communication by centralizing all your communications with a single interface. You can organize your calls, video conferences, audio conferences, files and instant messages in one user-friendly place. 


What Is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number is a virtual phone number that allows you to make calls, send messages or conduct video conferences from any internet-enabled device. You or your company will receive a VoIP phone number when you sign up with a VoIP service provider. While a VoIP number is for an internet-based phone, you can still call and receive calls from landlines.

VoIP Phone Features

VoIP enables you to use advanced features that are typically unavailable through landline services. While it benefits homes, using VoIP for your business is especially advantageous because of its capabilities. You can enjoy these benefits with a VoIP system.

  • Auto attendants: An auto attendant is a phone menu that routes calls to the desired destination. Your callers can easily navigate the menu and choose which of your departments or employees they’d like to reach.
  • Auto dialers: Marketing and sales departments will appreciate an auto dialer feature that automatically calls numbers from a preset CRM system. 
  • Anonymous call blocking: Your VoIP system can automatically block spam calls and unfamiliar numbers. After manually activating this feature, your phone will only receive calls from your contacts and legitimate numbers.
  • Call management: Advanced call management lets you customize how your system handles incoming calls. You can maintain wait times and call quality by choosing whether you want to prioritize, block, hold or forward calls.
  • Business texting: A business text messaging feature enables your VoIP phone system to send and receive automated, scheduled or bulk texts.
  • Call monitoring: VoIP lets you monitor calls for training and quality purposes.
  • Call notify: Employees can receive email notifications when specific customers call or text.
  • Call presence: With a VoIP phone, you can monitor staff availability and customer queues to see which agents are available for incoming calls.

How to Choose a VoIP Provider

Selecting the best VoIP provider depends on various factors.

  • Network compatibility: Choosing a provider that’s compatible with your network ensures your phone system operates reliably and delivers high-quality connections.
  • Availability and support: Your provider should offer fast or 24/7 ongoing support to meet your needs. It should also have high reliability with 24/7 monitoring and minimal downtime.
  • Security: You should trust that your calls and messages are secure, so you must select a company that meets information security standards.

Trust Prestige Security Solutions With Your VoIP Service

VoIP phone service is a straightforward, affordable way to make and receive calls. Prestige Security Solutions offers a secure phone service you can count on for your home or business. Our team provides the devices you need to set up your system, and our excellent customer service ensures everything operates reliably. Contact our experts today to learn more about our VoIP service and how we can help you optimize your communications.