Last Updated on December 27, 2022

Shoplifting is the most common type of property crime, with half a million shoplifting incidents occurring daily. Theft costs retailers, and businesses often have to pass those costs on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Preventing retail theft starts with a few smart strategies to change people’s behavior. Installing monitoring equipment and asking your employees to be extra vigilant can also reduce shoplifting rates.

How to Prevent Shoplifting

Here are a few shoplifting prevention tips for your business this holiday season.

1. Greet Customers

Know the power of a simple smile and “hello.” Train your team to greet each customer as they walk into the store. Making eye contact with shoppers sends the message that your employees know they are in the store and that the shopper isn’t invisible.

Greeting customers also helps to create feelings of goodwill. Shoppers are less likely to steal if they feel a human connection between themselves and the store’s employees.

2. Keep Your Store Neat

A store that’s organized and tidy is less of a draw for shoplifters than a store in disarray. Arrange items on shelves or racks so it will be obvious when something has gone missing.

When you receive new shipments, try to unpack them and set them out before opening the store or after closing. Having packing boxes scattered throughout the store during shopping hours can make it harder to keep track of products and creates a more welcoming atmosphere for thieves.

3. Install Employees Around High-Theft Areas

Your store’s employees act as your eyes and ears. They can also serve as theft deterrents, particularly when they work in high-theft areas. Consider stationing an employee by bins of small items or in the areas where the most expensive products are displayed, such as electronics or jewelry.

In clothing stores, shoplifters often use the changing rooms to their advantage. They bring clothing or other items into the room, then hide them on their person before exiting. Have an employee monitor the number of things shoppers carry into the room. Only allow clothes in the rooms. If a shopper has accessories or other items, ask them to leave those with the changing room attendant.

4. Install Business Security Cameras

Security cameras help to deter retail theft. Install surveillance cameras around your store and let customers know you are recording. If a theft does occur, you can replay the footage to provide the police with a description of the shoplifter and what they took.

5. Keep Expensive or Small Items Behind the Counter

Another way to reduce shoplifting is to make the most desirable items hard to steal. Keep smaller products that are easy to stash in a pocket behind the counter so customers have to ask to see them.

You can also consider locking up the most frequently stolen items so customers have to ask for access. When a customer requests an item, have your employees bring it to the checkout register rather than handing the product directly to the shopper.

Prestige Security Solutions Can Help You Deter Shoplifters

Retailers lost an average of $461.86 per shoplifting incident in 2020. Prestige Security Solutions can help you protect your store’s bottom line through video security and alarm systems. To learn more about how we can help, contact us online today.