Last Updated on November 16, 2021

At home, no one likes to worry about a worst-case scenario involving outside crime. You trust your neighbors and might feel perfectly safe about where you live. Fortunately, burglary rates continue to lower across the U.S., which could be because more people are equipping their properties with security measures. However, unsecured homes remain easy targets.

Security products such as smart locks, intrusion alarms and surveillance cameras are common home protectors, but should you make the investment? We’ve gathered a list of the biggest benefits of home security below.

Why You Should Have a Home Security System

We all want to safeguard our family members, pets and valuable possessions at all hours of the day. It’s a heavy responsibility, but excellent security puts your burdens and fears to rest. Whether your home empties for the workday or a week-long vacation, if you have 24/7 alarm monitoring from a professional security company, you can know your property is protected.

Some of the benefits of having a home security system are:

Deter Criminals

With home security alarms, you’re poised to know the moment your house has been breached, and that usually sends perpetrators running. The visible presence of a home security system is a deterrent, too. Most suspicious visitors who approach your porch will think twice after they spot a camera above them.

Monitor Your Environment

Some alarms will provide more than security against outside threats. We all rely on smoke and fire detectors, for instance. However, you can add remote-access sensors to keep your indoor temperature in check or monitor dangerous gases, water leaks, freezing pipes or floods. Cameras also help with the little things, such as ensuring the pets are behaving alone or those pesky wildlife critters haven’t rummaged through the trash can again.

Added Property Value

These days, more buyers look for a home security system on top of a property’s size, location and condition. Consider this — adding home security is a boost to resale value and usually much less expensive to complete than a kitchen remodeling or landscaping project.

Save on Homeowner’s Insurance

Often your home insurance company can provide a discount on your premium if you demonstrate there’s a working security system in place. They’ll see your residence as less of a risk or liability, and who could say no to the benefit of a little extra money for installing alarm security.

Smart Home Systems and Automation

Advanced home security is evolving alongside smart home technology. Homeowners enjoy more potential to control their electronics, utilities, locks and alarms from abroad with personal devices. These systems also provide programming that’s as convenient as it is secure, such as shutting the garage door if you forgot or turning on the lights when you enter.

Get Customized Home Security From Prestige Security Solutions

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