Last Updated on November 16, 2021

If you own or manage a business, keeping your facility secure is crucial. The best way to safeguard your company is with a professional security system. Investing in a commercial alarm system allows you to:

1. Protect Customers and Employees

A security system protects your customers and employees when problems arise. With cameras to capture instances of violence and harassment, you’ll have solid evidence that allows you to respond appropriately. Consumers and workers will also feel safer in parking lots or other areas of your property where they might otherwise feel vulnerable.

2. Reduce Theft

A reliable security system reduces the likelihood of theft. With sophisticated access control solutions, you can prevent unauthorized entry into your building. If an employee steals from the company, security cameras will capture the incident, providing proof to expedite the resolution.

3. Minimize Vandalism

Security cameras and other monitoring devices are deterrents to would-be vandals who intend to damage company property. Cameras also record any wrongdoing that occurs, giving police a reliable source of evidence that can make an investigation go smoothly and quickly.

4. Monitor for Environmental Damage

Environmental alarms allow you to protect your building from damage caused by the elements. Common systems include:

  • Temperature control: Temperature sensors detect when the indoor climate gets too high or low, making them ideal solutions for areas storing sensitive items.
  • Moisture monitors: These specialized devices are perfect for locations prone to leaks and flooding.
  • Fire detection: Fire detection systems alert you to dangers like flames, smoke or sparking cables.

5. Ensure a Fast Response From Authorities

A professional security system alerts the authorities when one of your alarms is triggered. If a burglary happens, your system notifies police immediately, increasing the chances that the perpetrators will be caught.

If a fire is in your building, time is of the essence. A fire detection system alerts emergency responders right away, ensuring a fast response to minimize damage and injury.

6. Lower Your Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies offer discounts to businesses with professionally installed security systems. Because your security system makes your facility less vulnerable to theft, vandalism and environmental damage, your business is a lower risk to your insurance company. A lower risk means better discounts and lower premiums.

Get a Custom Security System From Prestige Security Solutions

If you’re thinking about an alarm system for your business after reading up on the benefits of commercial alarm systems, Prestige Security Solutions can help. We create custom security solutions to meet all your needs, and we handle every step of the process.

Our commercial security systems include advanced technology such as mirror optics, infrared and impact detection. We know where to install your security devices for maximum protection and longevity, and we show you how to operate them efficiently. You can also pair your new system with our central monitoring station, which we use to log incidents, investigate warnings and update your program.

Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote on a commercial security system.