Last Updated on November 16, 2021

When you decide to upgrade your property’s security, you have two options — professional or do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. What’s the difference between DIY and professional installation? Working with a professional means you’ll pay a trained technician to set up your purchased security devices during an appointment. When you DIY, you still buy the equipment but rely on your know-how and spare time to set it up.

We’ve covered some noteworthy distinctions of DIY vs. professional security system installation below.

Can You Install Security Systems Yourself?

If you have a few hours, the skills and patience, you’ll receive these benefits from going the DIY route:

  • Cheaper to finish: With no service fee, you could save about $100 or more compared to most professional installations.
  • Plenty of free-access tutorials: Product manufacturers try to write comprehensive guides or use apps to walk users through the installation process, and it’s simple to search for how-to videos online. The quality of these instructions will vary, though.
  • Useful for temporary living arrangements: DIY installation is ideal for rented homes and apartments where a more permanent job isn’t necessary. Often you can pack up wireless components and take them with you when you relocate.

Why Choose Professional Security System Installation?

People who aren’t tech-savvy, or are uncomfortable with climbing ladders or fiddling with wiring, can benefit from professional security alarm installation. Everyone who schedules an install from a trusted security company can expect these qualities:

Assured Reliability

Requesting an expert will cost you more, but you’ll get as close to a perfect job as possible. An experienced team will leave a clean appearance on your walls or ceiling with little to no exposed wires. They’ll also ensure every component functions properly together, protecting your environment at maximum efficiency from the start.

Proper Positioning

Rather than solve any guesswork yourself, a professional can locate sensors and angle surveillance cameras to provide you the most consistent coverage. One of the disadvantages of a DIY security system installation is that you may not maximize its use.

Direct Advice and Support

Why choose a professional alarm installation? Once your new install is in place, professionals usually give you a detailed demonstration of the security system’s features, answer your questions and offer their future assistance with troubleshooting.

Longer Service Life

One of the differences between commercial professional alarm installation vs. DIY is that professionals choose security configurations that net you ultimate value and longevity. We’ve found that a poor DIY installation will lead to a system that experiences problems and needs repairs or maintenance sooner than expected, adding extra spending and frustration compared to a technician’s work.

Professional Alarm Installation for Massachusetts Homes and Businesses

Do you have a large or complex security system to set up, or want to make sure the job is done correctly? The technicians at Prestige Security Solutions treat each project with a superior level of care, and our past clients in Massachusetts can attest to that. Receive your free quote through our online form today and protect your home with a professional installation.