Last Updated on July 13, 2022

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 62.8% of all burglaries target residential properties. Of those, 55.7% involve forcible entry. The average burglary costs the homeowner $2,661 — that’s $3 billion in property losses across the United States annually.

In light of these figures, you need to put dependable security measures in place to protect your home and family. However, you don’t necessarily want to advertise your protections. Let’s explore some of the reasons why and learn about how to disguise security cameras around your home most effectively.

Why You Should Hide Your Security Cameras

If you’re considering a home security system, you’ll likely want to make sure the cameras are hidden. Concealing your security cameras is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Tamper-proofing: Visible security cameras are apparent to burglars and other malefactors. A burglar who notices cameras may try to disable them before breaking in. The burglary can then proceed unobserved, and the thieves are likely to get away anonymously. Hidden security cameras are more likely to go unnoticed, so you’ll get the footage you need.
  • Encouraging natural behavior: Suppose you suspect a certain person of theft and want to catch them in the act. If they notice cameras have appeared in your home, they will likely be on their best behavior. With hidden cameras, you have a stronger chance of observing undesirable behaviors so you can put a stop to them.
  • Aesthetic appeal: A home or property bristling with obvious security cameras often has an intimidating appearance. In some cases, that’s a benefit. In many others, it detracts from your home’s visual appeal. Hidden security cameras are much more discreet. They allow your home’s beautiful architecture or sculpted landscaping to take center stage without the intrusion of inelegant plastic and wires.
  • Visitor comfort: Even if visitors know about your security cameras, the sight of the cameras can often feel intrusive. For instance, guests at a party might feel reluctant to sing karaoke or dance with abandon when they can see the cameras are silently recording the spectacle. More discreet cameras give your home a natural environment where people can feel comfortable.
  • Maintaining a positive atmosphere: You want the atmosphere in your home to remain friendly and upbeat. Burglary, arson, assault — no friend or relative wants to think of these dark subjects at a lighthearted party or dinner gathering. Hiding your security cameras keeps your guests’ minds off the possibility of crime and lets them focus on the fun times at hand.

You might be considering the best ways to secure your new place, or you might have experienced a break-in and want to know what to do next to protect your family better. No matter the reason you need security cameras, keeping them hidden ensures continuous protection while preserving the cozy atmosphere that makes your house a home.

Reasons Not to Hide Your Security Cameras

Of course, hiding your security cameras comes with a few cons even with all of the pros:

  • No capacity for deterrence: One of the benefits of visible security cameras is that they deter criminals. A thief who spots conspicuous cameras on your home will likely move along to an easier target. Hidden cameras present less of an obvious barrier to crime.
  • Guest discomfort: Many people dislike the idea of being recorded without their knowledge or consent. If you don’t disclose the existence of your hidden cameras and your visitors find out about them later, they may feel you have violated their privacy.

Nevertheless, for many people, the benefits of hidden security cameras outweigh the disadvantages. They help you provide discrete, comprehensive protection and surveillance without turning your home into a forbidding fortress.

Indoor Security Cameras

Let’s discuss some tips and tricks for how to hide cameras indoors:

  1. Conceal them in household items: Consider hiding small cameras in everyday objects. You might put them into flowerpots, jewelry boxes, tissue boxes or stuffed animals your kids don’t use. Thieves looking around for overt security devices will likely pass over these innocuous-looking items.
  2. Use height to your advantage: Security cameras placed well above the typical line of sight are hard to spot. Try obscuring your cameras in the back corners of bookcases, on the tops of mirrors or picture frames or above window frames if they can fit. An additional advantage of this positioning is that you can gain a comprehensive aerial view — though you may not be able to see faces as clearly from high above.
  3. Determine optimal lighting and coverage: Place your hidden security cameras in areas where the lighting is adequate for observing and identifying bad actors. You should also place cameras where they can surveil a range of space to give you the most comprehensive security coverage.
  4. Cover the major points of interest in your home: With hidden indoor cameras, you’ll want to ensure coverage of your front door and main entryway, as well as common targets like living rooms or entertainment rooms. Point cameras toward these areas to increase the likelihood of catching intruders in the act.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras

Here are a few suggestions for how to hide cameras outdoors:

  1. Mount them at the proper height: Height is an essential consideration for outdoor cameras. In general, you should mount your cameras just slightly above the reach of a person — say 8 or 9 feet in the air. Any higher than that and the cameras may not generate crisp, clear video. Any lower, and you leave them vulnerable to tampering or destruction.
  2. Cover the main points of entry to your home: With several hidden security cameras, you can provide near-complete video coverage of your home’s exterior. With only one or two cameras, you’ll need to be more strategic and selective. Point them at your front and back doors for the best effect.
  3. Consider doorbell cameras: Some doorbell cameras announce their presence readily, but others are far more discreet. A quality doorbell camera guards the main entrance point to your home against intrusion and can also inform you of package theft from your front porch.
  4. Use everyday outdoor objects to your advantage: As with interior cameras, you can conceal your outdoor cameras in ordinary items. Try hiding them in things like birdhouses, outdoor umbrella stands or tall decorations.

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