Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Protecting your house and its contents is vital to your daily life as a homeowner. Installing a home security system can give you peace of mind even when you’re away from home.

Whether you decide on a simple alarm system or a series of smart cameras, you can customize your home security to fit your needs. Determine if you need a home security system and see how a quality system from Prestige Security Solutions could improve your safety and more.

Home Security System Statistics

Many studies show that home security systems are worth it if you want to make a difference in residential safety.

While the crime rate in the U.S. fluctuates, the need to protect your home and family is consistent. The following crime and home security statistics show how owning a home security system could affect your life:

Why Get a Home Security System?

Whatever kind of security system you choose, you can expect to improve your quality of life. Homeowners can enjoy several home security system benefits, including:

  • Capturing video footage: If a crime happens on your property, video footage can help you see how it happened. If you contact the police, video footage may be able to help in their investigation. Whether you have a break-in or a stolen package, having video footage can help you see when and how the crime occurred. Visible security cameras on your property also show criminals that you are guarding the area and will be recording their actions.
  • Deterring crime: Rather than dealing with the aftermath, you can stop criminals in their tracks. If you can prevent burglars from entering your home, you can prevent theft, property damage and more.
  • 24/7 monitoring: Burglaries are most likely to happen when you aren’t home, which can mean losing valuable time before you report the break-in. Many security systems have live monitoring to ensure someone is watching your home even when you aren’t there.
  • Improved peace of mind: The number one reason to invest in any security system is to improve your peace of mind. Knowing that you are doing everything you can to protect your property and family can be enough to help you relax.

Security and Property Value

The advantages of a home security system apply to the real estate market, too — adding a security system affects your property value as a seller and an owner. By improving security, you can potentially improve your selling price while reducing your home insurance premiums. This technology also resists depreciation over time and helps keep your house competitive on the market.

When looking for a home, buyers will consider updated technology and safety. In one study, 66% of buyers said they would look for smart security cameras, while 63% wanted smart door locks. Your buyers will appreciate motion lights, cameras and alarms preinstalled in their future home.

Homeowners can also save on home insurance premiums by installing a security system. While every policy is different, investing in your home security ultimately benefits your insurance company.

Important Security System Features

The features you’ll want in your security system will depend on your home size, location and lifestyle. However, some key features to look for in any security system include:

  • Cameras: Professional surveillance systems can include one or more cameras aimed at blind spots and entrances on your property. Your cameras should be installed and positioned correctly to capture and ward off criminals.
  • Motion sensors: Motion sensors are the key trigger for your lights, alarms and security alerts. You should have reliable sensors that detect irregular motion.
  • Multiple power sources: It’s essential for your system to keep working even if you don’t have time to change the batteries. Generators and other external sources ensure constant power for your system.

These basic features can guard your home 24/7. You can also incorporate smart technology to enhance your entire system infrastructure.

Other Security System Services

The importance of home security is well-known, but there are other reasons to get a home alarm system as well:

  • Remote access to your home: Many smart security systems give you remote access to your lights, cameras, alarms and more. A security system gives you more control over your space from any location.
  • Environmental control: Security systems detect more than intruders. You can use an environmental control system to detect smoke, fire and gas leaks. Keep your home and family safe from harm with constant environmental surveillance.
  • Electricity management: You can find home security systems with smart locks, thermostats and lights that can maximize your energy bill. Keep the lights on to deter intruders while away, and access your thermostat as necessary for improved energy efficiency.
  • Property surveillance: You can use cameras to see when people arrive and leave and communicate via intercom, even when you’re away from home. Parents can also check on their kids and ensure they’re safe, even if they’re just across the yard.
  • Wellness alerts: If you have older adults in your home, you want to protect them against falls and injury. Some security systems include options to call health services in an emergency.
  • Mail delivery: If you’re expecting a delivery, some security features let you ensure your package is delivered as it should be. You can also film your delivery location to watch for mail thieves.

Security System Alternatives

If you want to protect your home without investing in a complete security system, you can take other steps to secure the space.

One way to secure your home is by upgrading your locks and hardware. A secure deadbolt and monitored locks can prevent forced entry and deter criminals from entering your home. Remote access locks also let you lock the door from your device if you forget your keys.

Making it look like someone is home — even if you aren’t — can help deter burglars. Keep the lights on, or have your neighbor visit or park in your driveway if you’re out of town. It’s also best to keep your valuables away from windows and doors to keep outsiders from seeing your possessions.

With all the features available, you can create habits and a basic system to protect yourself. Even if a break-in occurs, knowing what to do next and having someone to go to for support can help you feel more secure.

Find the Ideal Home Alarm System

Prestige Security Solutions is a leading security system provider in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and beyond. We help clients select the ideal setup for their space, budget and needs. Our home alarm and security system installations can help you feel safe in your space while boosting your property value.

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