Last Updated on July 13, 2022

Depending on where you live, installing a security system on the properties you own can be an absolute necessity. When you install the cameras properly and follow local guidelines, you’ll have a secure space that makes your renters feel better about the area they’re living in.

Why Landlords Should Install Security Systems

Why Landlords Should Install Security Systems

There are actually plenty of reasons why you should want to take advantage of the benefits of a security system on your rental properties. The bottom line is that having video cameras to keep an eye on things is a deterrent that keeps your tenants, their property and your property from taking damage, injury and loss of valuables — and that’s only the beginning.

1. Protect Your Property’s Value

If a burglar sets eyes on your property, they’re going to do everything they can to get in and out quickly and unnoticed, even if that means doing irreparable damage to your livelihood. However, a visible security system is one of the most popular deterrents around. When robbers notice your system, they’ll give up on your property to find an easier target instead.

While protecting your property’s existing value is great, what’s even better is that a quality alarm system can raise the property’s value, too. Most tenants are willing to pay more to live on a property they know is secure — in fact, a solid form of security might be one of their home requirements or the factor that sets you apart from their other options.

2. Avoid Liability

When you install a security system on your rental property, you’re installing a physical reminder that you care about the safety of your residents. On the off chance that someone does try to damage your property or break into it, having a security system on the premises makes it less likely that tenants will blame you for any personal theft. It’s even less likely that you could face repercussions for it.

3. Reduce Crime in the Area

It’s well known that security cameras deter crime. When you install a security system on your property, you’re likely decreasing the amount of crime in the area. If your system has a broad enough view, you might even help your neighborhoods and nearby businesses avoid becoming a target. That’s great news for both current residents and potential tenants looking to move into the area.

Anyone doing research before moving can access the crime rate statistics online, and the higher the rates, the less likely you are to get their business. It’s in your best interest to make sure your neighborhood is safe and do your part to reduce your local crime rates.

4. Improve Your Reputation

As we’ve mentioned, ensuring your tenants are safe through the use of an alarm system does a lot to improve relations with them. When they know you care, they’ll hold a much higher opinion of you. Your residents might even mention you to their friends, especially friends that might be seeking a new living arrangement. You can’t underestimate word-of-mouth marketing — it might bring you more business than you know what to do with!

5. Keep Your Tenants Happy

Finally, when your tenants feel happy and secure in their homes, they’re more likely to stay and renew their contracts. They’re also less likely to complain about smaller concerns. Even if there’s any sort of breach on the property, residents are more willing to stay until the end of their contract if they know their home is still monitored.

Limitations on What You Can Monitor

Limitations on What You Can Monitor

Privacy concerns are the top debate when discussing landlord-installed security systems. As a general rule when you’re installing cameras on your property, video recording is not valid in areas where “tenants have a reasonable expectation of privacy.” These spaces include their own unit, public changing rooms and bathrooms and other areas where people may undress or are otherwise exposed and vulnerable. Our main services areas in Massachusetts and New Hampshire have different laws regarding these rules.

Whatever the laws in your area, it’s common courtesy — and in many places, the law — to let people know when they may end up on security footage and where they can expect to be under video surveillance. Some landlords hang signs in the hallways and by the front door, while others include the information as a clause in their contracts and rental agreements. However you do it, it’s best practice to make sure tenants know the security situation from the moment they move in or when you first install the cameras.

When it comes to audio surveillance, laws are much stricter. You are not allowed to record audio without the participants’ knowledge and consent. In some cases, your audio evidence may not even be admissible if it came from inside a private residence or violates other audio recording laws.

Why Landlords Should Allow Tenants to Install Security Systems

Why Landlords Should Allow Tenants to Install Security Systems

Sometimes, rather than approaching your tenants about new security measures, it’s the renters themselves that hope to improve the safety of their home, and by extension, your property. At Prestige Security Solutions, we suggest allowing tenants to install their own security systems. If you’re already considering a new security system, this option allows you to reap the benefits of security without paying for it. Then, based on its success, you can choose to expand surveillance to more of your property.

Also, many leases stipulate that improvements made and covered by tenants can ultimately become the property of the landlord. That means eventually, even after tenants terminate their lease and move out, you’ll still be able to benefit from their improvements. The most important thing for you to do in this situation is to ensure a professional properly installs their materials. Suggest Prestige Security Solutions so that you and your renters can enjoy the benefits of heightened security for a long time.

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