Last Updated on May 18, 2023

Security and surveillance are the best way to protect your business at all hours of the day and night. Whether you’re away on vacation or at home, security systems provide alerts about activity and help you protect your investments, from products and stored cash to office supplies.

Security Systems for Businesses

Check out the different security systems you can use for your business.

Security and Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can secure your business in two ways — intruder monitoring and environmental sensing. Any business owner wants to protect their location from intruders, especially if you keep sensitive information onsite or carry high-value products. Intrusion alarms can alert you to a few different scenarios:

  • Glass break sounds
  • Motion of large objects in given areas
  • Impact on doors, vaults or equipment

Environmental alarms protect your business from factors beyond break-ins. For example, temperature alarms let you know when a room is out of a given range, which is ideal for products that spoil in certain temperatures. This alarm type can also gauge moisture levels to protect from mold growth and alert you of fire.

Video Security

When you want to keep a personal eye on your business, video security is the way to go. Thanks to modern technology, you can watch your store or office from your smartphone. Mount cameras in any areas you feel need monitoring. You can even link your video to your alarm systems, so you can send assistance to your business as soon as an intruder makes their move.

Secure Access Control Systems

Access control systems enable you to protect certain rooms or buildings. While you can trust door locks, access control systems have that extra layer of protection with unique keycards for certified personnel or access codes.

While access control is excellent for keeping intruders out, it can also protect certain items or information from other employees. For example, IT employees are likely the only people to have access to a database room.

Monitored vs. Unmonitored Systems

Knowing the difference between monitored and unmonitored systems is essential before installing commercial alarm systems and security setups.

Unmonitored systems include equipment like access control systems, security cameras and intrusion alarms. These systems deter criminal activity as the systems keep a record of all events for later review. These types of systems are typically one-time purchases, and they can help you protect your business. However, you may miss an alert at any given time.

Monitored systems help to fill in the gaps. These systems feature real-time remote monitoring from trained professionals. Even if you’re not available to catch an alert, your remote monitoring team will. As soon as they catch the activity, they send the right team to your business to protect your building and everything inside.

Choose Prestige Security Solutions for Business Security Systems

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