Last Updated on July 13, 2022

Setting up a security system in your home or commercial space is certainly possible if you have the right equipment, such as a power drill, screwdriver, hammer, ladder and the manufacturer’s instructions. You will also need to understand all the security system installation steps. While no security system installation will be the same, here are a few pointers to remember for a stress-free setup that works properly.

Go Wireless

These days, you can find a host of available security devices that use wireless connectivity. If you select a wireless security system, installation should be much easier. There will be less labor and time involved with fewer holes to drill into the walls and ceiling for cables and mounts.

Make Sure You Have Enough Cameras and Sensors

Setting up a home or commercial security system yourself could leave unintended gaps in coverage. The number of surveillance cameras and alarm sensors you’ll need is up to you, but you can start by inspecting your environment’s layout closely. Note each entry point and high-traffic areas and which locations are your top priority to protect. For any restricted-access regions, you may need additional cameras to keep watch.

Verify the Range of Your System

Do your wired devices have enough cable length to connect to power sources and signal relays? If you’re using a wireless system, are you placing components within the recommended radius of the base station? Wireless devices usually have significant reach, but sometimes this lessens with walls and obstacles in the way. Consider testing the reliability of your reception before setting up your home or business security system.

Choose Unobstructed Positions

Remember that you’ll need maximum coverage with the angle of your cameras and sensor lines. Aim for a clear view of your grounds and down corridors as far as possible. Outside, trim low-hanging branches and overgrown shrubs that could block the line of sight of a person’s body, especially their face.

Select Higher Locations if Possible

Some individuals, if they’re brazen enough, will try to smash cameras and sensors before committing their crimes, rendering you without sight and some expensive replacements. Mounting cameras out of arm’s reach will reduce the chances of damage, plus this can provide better vantages and secrecy. However, be careful on ladders and rooftops.

Have Your Security System Professionally Installed

Calling the experts is not a bad idea if you’re unsure of how to set up a commercial or home security system. A company’s fees will increase for a large-scale or complex project, but you’re guaranteed a job well-done in exchange. Other benefits of expert system installation include fewer exposed wires, all of the configurations established for you, a walkthrough of the system and longer estimated service life.

Prestige Security Solutions Offers Professional Installation in Massachusetts

Our technicians are trained and experienced in security system setups and will remove the frustrations of installing surveillance and alarms. We know how to set up a security system and will prioritize a clean-looking result that maximizes the life of your system. Request a no-cost quote through our online form today.