Last Updated on July 13, 2022

Home is where we store our memories, from the height marks penciled on the walls to the scuffs on the floor from misadventures. We feel safest at home, which is why burglaries can be so jarring. Home security is important to protect both our possessions and our hearts. This is especially true for senior citizens, who are at a higher risk of being victims of break-ins and robberies.

Burglars like to target seniors because they are perceived as more vulnerable than others. These individuals usually live alone or with one other person, tend to be more trusting and are usually less capable of physical resistance if they find a thief in their home.

Additionally, older adults often settle into a regular routine, making it easier for burglars to know when they will be away from the house, and some retired seniors like to travel for long periods, which can leave their homes more vulnerable to intrusion.

How to Protect Your Home

Home security is always important, but senior citizens should be extra careful because they are often prime targets. If you are older or have a loved one in this population, there are several home security tips for seniors that can help protect your property:

  • Lock your doors and windows: No matter how safe you feel in your neighborhood, it’s a good idea to keep your outside doors and windows locked. It’s also practical to install doors and windows with high levels of protection, such as solid wood doors or windows with Plexiglass, especially if you live in a high-crime area.
  • Install a security system: Powerful security systems are the tried-and-true way to safeguard your home. Finding a provider you trust and installing a system that will inform you and the authorities of suspicious activity can effectively prevent you from being a victim of burglary. These systems may also include cameras and motion sensor lighting, both of which help deter people with bad intentions.
  • Keep spare keys safe: Many people have a habit of leaving spare keys in conspicuous places, such as on doorframes, in potted plants, or under a rock or welcome mat. While these spots are easy to access if you lock yourself out of your house, they are also easy pickings for someone who wants to enter your home for criminal purposes. Instead, consider giving spare keys to close family and neighbors.
  • Tell few people about vacations: It can be tempting to post a selfie of yourself on a Hawaiian volcano seconds after you take it. However, this is the equivalent of waving a red flag and declaring that your house is empty. Tell only a few trusted people when you’re going on vacation, such as family members or neighbors who might need to water your plants. Saving the pictures and stories for later can preserve your home and belongings.
  • Be proactive: Above all else, make sure to think ahead. The need for security measures may vary, but it is always important to protect yourself and your home before anything happens.

Best Security Services for Seniors

Installing a security system is an important step in defending your home. Based on your individual needs, there are various services you can choose from to protect yourself that go beyond the basics:

  • A medical alert: As we age, health crises are more likely to occur — we can even experience a medical emergency in the comfort of our own homes. In some ways, it may be more important for senior citizens to have an alert for possible injuries than potential break-ins. Why not have both? Installing a system with alerts for both burglaries and health issues will improve home safety in multiple ways.
  • Automatic arming: It’s not uncommon for older adults to become more forgetful with age. Having a security system is not effective if you forget to arm it, so seniors can ensure their home security does its job by investing in a service that automatically arms the system. Even if they forget to engage the security manually, the home will stay protected at all times.
  • A doorbell camera: Another helpful security tip for senior citizens is to get a doorbell with a camera. These devices enable them to see who is knocking at their door and know whether to let them in. This capability is especially helpful if the front door lacks windows or a peephole to see who is on the other side. With the right technology, doorbell cameras can provide a way to see who is at the door without having to walk over to it, which could be ideal for those with limited mobility.

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