Last Updated on May 18, 2023

As a small business owner, you spend a considerable amount of time and energy on your company’s success. To uphold this, it is also necessary to implement security measures, as they are an essential part of ensuring operations run smoothly. You want to reassure your employees that they work in a safe environment while also protecting your building and assets.

Whether you provide a service, product or both, security should always be a priority. Here are a few small business security tips to help improve safety.

Risk Assessment

Before you can protect your business, you need to be aware of the potential risks it faces. Risks can vary depending on your location, building and business type. You must be able to put the correct security measures in place. For example, most small businesses require burglar and theft protection. As a result, their security needs mostly focus on preventing criminal activity. Completing a risk assessment of your business will allow you to allocate your budget accordingly.

Alarm System

An alarm system alerts you and emergency responders or authorities when something is out of place or an intrusion is detected. It provides your property with round-the-clock protection from intruders and break-ins, even when you’re not there.

Installing security alarms in your small business can serve as a good deterrent for criminal activity. Alarm systems can also come with various special features to alert you when there is a fire or gas leak.

Security Lighting

Lighting inside and outside of your building is an effective way to deter burglars. Leaving a few interior lights on when you’re gone will also give the impression that someone is in the building. Adding lighting to your parking lot or around your premises will give your employees a sense of safety when they are walking to their cars at night.

Setting up exterior lighting in the right spots will illuminate any unwanted activity and discourage criminals from attempting to enter your business. A great method is using motion sensor lights, which will immediately detect when a person comes close to your property and turn on.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems monitor people and their activity in and around your premises. Business security cameras improve the safety of your employees, workspace and customers. Security cameras should be placed at entrances and exits and in parking lots to safeguard everyone in your building. These cameras will record any criminal activity that takes place on your premises, and the recordings can be used as evidence for the police.

Video surveillance can also increase productivity, as employees will likely become more productive when they know they are being monitored.

Secure Wi-Fi

Your business can be an easy target for hackers when your Wi-Fi is not secure. Securing your Wi-Fi network is important for any small business. With a safe Wi-Fi network, you can protect your business against potential data breaches, which often result in the loss of important data, money, and client or business information.

Access Control System

Access control systems allow you to manage who goes in and out of your building. They are a great way to prevent unwanted guests from entering your facility. Access control systems have features that allow you to control entrances and exits from your smartphone. You can lock or unlock access points when you’re not in the building, and you can instantly restrict access or even lock down your whole building when necessary.

Safety Training

Safety training for staff members is essential to ensure that they are prepared for emergencies. It is necessary to practice regular safety drills. Fire extinguishers should be in good condition, and exit points should be accessible. It is also vital to establish safety measures tailored for people with disabilities or who will be at higher risk during emergencies.

Your staff should be trained to handle various emergency situations, such as fires, burglaries and extreme weather events.

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