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Understanding the different types of business and home security systems is an essential first step in deciding which one would work best for your property. We offer various residential and commercial alarms and sensors at Prestige Security Solutions, and we want you to know what services are available to you. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current system or implement a new one, learn more about the different types of security alarms to find the right one for you.

The 5 Types of Alarm Systems

You’ve put time and money into your home or business, so you want to know it’s secure in the event of a break-in attempt. To help you decide the best way to protect your property, we’ve explained some common types of burglar alarms and how they can benefit you and your home or business.

1. Wired Alarm Systems

Wired alarm systems are what they sound like — alarm systems connected and powered by wires. Your system’s sensors and cameras connect to the control panel via physical wires, often hidden inside walls, and can also connect to your landline to send signals to a monitoring center. These systems are most often professionally installed, and we can help with that installation. Wired alarm systems are a reliable option for your home or business, especially if you’re looking for security over a large property. Without the need to connect to the internet, you receive more privacy, as your security files will be more difficult for hackers to access.

2. Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems offer you more flexibility when it comes to your security system. Instead of connecting sensors or cameras to the control panel with wires, wireless alarms commonly send information to the control panel over a Wi-Fi connection. Because you can install wireless systems yourself, they’re often cost less and provide you with the flexibility to move sensors and cameras around and monitor your own security via a mobile device. At Prestige Security Solutions, we can even help integrate your wireless alarm system into your other smart home features, so you can remotely control things like your thermostat and lights.

3. Professionally Monitored Alarm Systems

Professionally monitored alarm systems are connected to a monitoring center that’s immediately notified when your alarm is triggered. From there, they can alert you and even contact authorities on your behalf if necessary. Monitored systems are beneficial because you can rest assured that your home or business is protected no matter how far away you may be. Most security systems send an alert directly to your phone, but if you cannot respond, you want to know a professional can still take action. Let us back you up — request to have your alarm system connected to our 24/7 monitoring station.

4. Self-Monitored Alarm Systems

A self-monitored alarm system is one you monitor yourself. When the alarm is triggered, you’ll receive an alert, and you must decide whether or not to call the authorities. Many people monitor doorbell or outdoor cameras themselves, which are beneficial for making sure kids get home safely or knowing when a package is delivered. While these systems are convenient and cost-effective, you take the risk of not having cell phone reception to receive an alert or call emergency responders. If you choose to use this kind of system, we recommend you also allow a trusted neighbor or relative to receive the alerts so they can take action if you are unable to.

5. Electric Current Alarm Systems

Arguably the most basic type of alarm system, electric current systems monitor your business or home’s entry points. When windows and doors are closed, an electric current flows uninterrupted along the baseboards or windowsills. When the doors or windows are opened, the current is disrupted, triggering an audible alarm. This type of security system works best when paired with other sensors or alarm systems and is most effective when you or someone else is on the property to hear the alert.

six types of alarm sensors

The 6 Types of Alarm Sensors

The heart and soul of your alarm system can be found in the type of alarm sensors that connect to your system’s control panel. Prestige Security Solutions can implement any of these six types of sensors into a security plan customized for you and your needs.

1. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors trigger an alarm or send mobile alerts when they detect movement inside your home or business. Motion detectors use an invisible light or laser to scan an area, and when it is disturbed, the alarm is triggered. Some devices even use infrared technology to sense body heat.

2. Ultrasonic Detectors

Similar to motion sensors, ultrasonic sensors emit high-frequency sound waves to detect movement in a confined space. These sensors should be used in smaller rooms, as the frequencies can bounce off walls and furniture. Be careful not to set these sensors off yourself — any moving object will trigger the alarm!

3. Impact Sensors

Impact sensors detect powerful vibrations and shocks. They can be beneficial to implement in your business because they can detect when doors or pieces of equipment sustain a hard blow. If an intruder breaks anything, the sensor will detect the shockwave and sound the alarm.

4. Magnetic Switches

Magnetic switches are similar to what’s used in electric current alarm systems. When installed on windows and doors, the switch and magnet create a closed circuit. When the window or door is opened, the circuit breaks, triggering the alarm. These sensors are popular and can be added to any security system.

5. Environment Sensors

Environment sensors include fire alarms, temperature monitors and moisture detectors. These types of sensors are critical to have in any building, as they keep you and your property safe from more than intruders. We can include these sensors in your alarm system, so you receive alerts for them as well.

6. Glass-Break Detectors

Glass-break sensors use tiny microphones to detect the sound of breaking glass. As soon as the sound of breaking glass is detected, the alarm will sound. We install these sensors near window or door panes so they can instantly detect any shattered glass.

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