Last Updated on November 16, 2021

In recent years, a flood of security products has claimed to offer the same protection as professional systems. But do they really? Read on for a breakdown of video doorbells vs. security cameras, and discover why professionally installed security camera systems are the best choice.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are self-installed at your front door. They have wide-angle camera lenses that record when they detect motion, and the recorded footage is stored in the cloud via your home’s Wi-Fi. Many systems also have phone apps allowing you to check notifications and status updates.

Video doorbells have a limited field of view, so they can only monitor your front or back door. While a video doorbell could stop a package thief, it won’t prevent a burglar from breaking in at another point of entry. Video doorbells are also battery-powered, so you need to check the battery level regularly to ensure you don’t lose monitoring.

Other Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Security Systems

You can also purchase DIY security systems. These come with multiple cameras you can install anywhere in your home or business. DIY systems are either battery-operated or powered by a cable.

Because DIY cameras can be placed in multiple locations, they offer better protection than video doorbells. They are also harder to reach and tamper with, so they are less likely to be stolen or damaged.

But DIY systems can be difficult and time-consuming to install. If you aren’t tech-savvy, comfortable climbing ladders or adept at handling wires, installing security cameras can be a hassle. Most people also don’t know how to effectively and efficiently position their cameras for maximum coverage, and incorrect installation is a common problem.

Professional Security Systems

When considering pro vs. DIY security cameras, a professionally installed security system is the best choice. You’ll have peace of mind knowing everything is set up properly and your property is fully protected.

When you contact the experts at Prestige Security Solutions about a system for your home or business, we survey your property and determine a custom plan including all the ideal camera positions for your specific needs. Our systems connect to the internet and utility power, eliminating the risk of losing coverage due to a Wi-Fi crash. We hide all wires within your walls to ensure they are not visible.

We also offer monitoring services so if a security breach occurs, someone is standing by to contact the authorities immediately.

Contact Prestige Security Solutions for Professionally Installed Security Camera Systems

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