Last Updated on November 10, 2022

A common concern of those with security systems is what happens to a security system when the power goes out and how will it affect them if there’s no power. Power outages are a fact of life, whether from planned maintenance or issues arising from storms and downed power lines, and it’s important to know what happens to your security system during these times. Savvy burglars may try to use power outages to their advantage, but you can prepare backups for your system if you understand how it functions.

So, do security systems work when there is a power outage? The answer varies based on what type of system you have. Overall, understanding the limitations of your security system during outages and planning backups accordingly are essential to making sure your property stays secure.

How Each Type of System Is Affected

There are several different types of security systems, and power outages affect each one differently.

1. Traditional Phone Lines

While most systems today use more recent technology, some still connect to traditional phone lines. This connection is the most reliable method when it comes to power outages, as the alarm can still maintain contact with the monitoring center when there is no electricity. These systems often have backup power, but as it will only last for a certain amount of time, it’s still important to regain power as soon as possible.

2. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Some alarm systems operate through VoIP, which uses a broadband internet connection. These systems depend on home phone lines for power as well as connectivity, so they are at a higher risk of failing during outages. Also, as they use the internet to communicate with monitoring centers, they may not be able to do so when the power goes down. However, companies that offer this service often have alternative ways to connect with the monitoring center if the power and connection go out.

3. Internet

There are also security systems that function using only the internet. These setups are the most vulnerable to power outages, as there is no way for them to communicate issues to monitoring centers when there is no connectivity.

How to Protect Yourself From Power Outages

Everyone wants to make sure they’re protected from home intruders at all times, especially when there isn’t power. There are two main ways to protect yourself and your home security if it relies on electricity — a backup supply of power for the security system or a generator for the whole house.

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